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James Colby
James Colby, Manager, Business & Technology Development, Semiconductor Business Unit, Littlefuse, 7/25/2014   Comment now  
Today's wearables demand lower capacitance, lower clamping voltage, and a smaller form factor.
Luca Difalco
Luca Difalco, Vice President of Marketing for Analog, Sensors, and Power Product Groups, STMicroelectronics, 7/25/2014   Comment now  
One of the most fascinating aspects of many technologies is the way they transform the world in ways completely unanticipated by their developers. The Internet, for example, was originally conceived in the late 1960s by the Advanced Research Projects Agency to allow researchers across the US to access the limited number of university mainframe computers, ...
Steve Barraclough
Steve Barraclough, Senior Director of Product Management, Bosch Sensortec GmbH, 7/25/2014   Comment now  
The co-author of this article is Lutz Rauscher from Bosch Sensortec.
Mike Everett
Mike Everett, CTO, Maxwell Technologies, 7/25/2014   Comment now  
In my last blog, I gave an overview of how to measure the state of health and state of charge of an ultracapacitor. In an ultracapacitor, end of life does not arrive abruptly and without warning, as it may with batteries. An ultracapacitor will conceivably continue to operate until there is not enough energy left in the device when fully charged to do ...
Brandt Braswell
Brandt Braswell, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Freescale Semiconductor, 7/24/2014   Comment now   2 comments
What happens when new silicon comes out of fabrication? Do the designers go to the lab and start evaluating the new silicon, or do they wait until the product engineer or lab tech takes the data and presents the results? My hope is that the first situation is most common. However, I do realize that many engineers are busy and sometimes rely on the second ...
Richard Chung
Richard Chung, Technical Marketing Director, Fairchild Semiconductor, 7/23/2014   Comment now  
Fairchild offline flyback PWM with integrated MOSFETs is an integral part of a power supply system design. Our devices will not meet your requirements unless all other parts that make the system also do their job. The transformer is an important component that is often seen as a black box that is someone else's problem. Designing the right transformer ...
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