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Mike Everett
Mike Everett, CTO, Maxwell Technologies, 8/22/2014   Comment now  
When working within their specified operating parameters, ultracapacitors will provide a stubbornly long and trouble-free existence. Ultracapacitors will outlast most other electronic components in any given application, which is why they are the perfect power delivery device in the most demanding environments.
Richard Chung
Richard Chung, Technical Marketing Director, Fairchild Semiconductor, 8/22/2014   Comment now  
This is a guest article by Adrian Mikolajczak of Fairchild Semiconductor.
Brandt Braswell
Brandt Braswell, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Freescale Semiconductor, 8/20/2014   Comment now  
I am sure you have often heard analog design described as an art. This statement is especially true when dealing with radio frequencies. However, is it true when dealing with analog "baseband" type circuits? The answer is yes!
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds, Technical Manager, AVX Corporation, 8/19/2014   Comment now  
In part 4A of this series, which examined dissipation factor (DF), I mentioned that the Q of a capacitor is the reciprocal of its DF. So, like DF, Q is a dimensionless number. It represents the ratio of the maximum energy stored to the power loss in a system at a given angular frequency rather than the inverse (DF). Unlike DF or direct current leakage ...
Aubrey Kagan
Aubrey Kagan, Engineering Manager, Emphatec, 8/18/2014   Comment now   12 comments
In Potentiometers: Mechanical & Electronic, Part 1, I described the use of pots generically and hinted at some of the more common configurations with circuits. I now hope to cover the comparative advantages and disadvantages of both mechanical and electronic potentiometers.
Paolo Scalisi
Paolo Scalisi, Senior Test Product Engineer, STMicroelectronics, Italy, 8/18/2014   Comment now   13 comments
In part 2 of this series, I described the growing interest of companies producing ICs for aerospace applications. One example is the Infineon HiRel Selection Guide. (See Figure 1.)
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