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Kendall Castor-Perry
Kendall Castor-Perry, Architect & Member of Technical Staff, Cypress Semiconductor, 5/29/2015   Comment now  
They say that power corrupts. I don't know about that; maybe I'll let you know when I actually have some. But one thing I have found in electronic system design is that the search for low power corrupts. Corrupts signals, that is. And the scary part is that the people doing the searching often don't realize it.
Paul Pickering
Paul Pickering, Blogger, 5/29/2015   Comment now  
In the course of researching another piece, I came across a picture of a solder hand-launching an RQ-11 drone sorry, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in an article on military connectors. The text mentioned that researchers are working on exploiting an idea from Mother Nature- flapping wings - to develop a Micro AV (MAV) that looks more like a bird, ...
Ken Coffman
Ken Coffman, Field Applications Engineer & Member of the Technical Staff at Fairchild Semiconductor, 5/27/2015   Comment now  
One day, I expect Stanford and Harvard Business School to embrace the role of Corporate Jester along with the trendy memes of Inclusive Human Capital Management (IHCM) and Valued Enterprise Apostles (VAE). I thought the idea of a corporate jester was something I dreamed up myself, but there are books to read (The Secret Life of a Corporate Jester and ...
John Teel
John Teel, President, Teel Engineering, 5/27/2015   Comment now   4 comments
I'm a huge fan of Albert Einstein. As many physicists will agree his theories are the most pure expression of genius in the history of humankind. So as an engineer I'm excited that I get the opportunity to design products which use a technology dependent on two of his greatest theories. This is the case with the Global Positioning System (GPS).
Most recent post, teelengineering, 5/29/2015 1:39:52 PM
Thanks for the comments David.  I too love seeing examples of physics in our...
Bill Schweber
Bill Schweber, Engineer, Author, Editor, 5/26/2015   Comment now   1 Comment
Let's face it: when most students looking think about what "electrical" engineers work on - to the extent they do so at all - they think software, programming, apps, and similar. Designing circuits (what we colloquially and misleadingly refer to as "hardware") is unlikely to fit into their perception. If they think of electronic circuitry at all, it's ...
Blaine Bateman
Blaine Bateman, President, EAF LLC, 5/24/2015   Comment now   4 comments
I've written before about the impact the Internet of Things (IoT) will have on electronics sales including the special role played by analog devices in IoT. Most recently, in my Planet Analog blog entitled Digitizing Analog Sensor Data for the IoT, I argued that because of all the sensors, integrated packages including Analog Front Ends for sensor ...
Most recent post, anvessh, 5/29/2015 5:41:25 AM
nice one
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Internet of Things Creating Opportunity Bubble for Analog
Blaine Bateman, President, EAF LLC, 5/24/2015
Thank you Albert Einstein for GPS
John Teel, President, Teel Engineering, 5/27/2015
Can Analog Circuits Inspire Budding Engineers?
Bill Schweber, Engineer, Author, Editor, 5/26/2015
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