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Scott Deuty
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 2/20/2017   Comment now  
When I started researching this blog, I sought to find topics related to the electrical engineering of a wind tower. As a column for analog engineers, I was particularly interested in what the electronics were that produced the AC voltage for the grid even though I had learned most of them in an earlier study. As it turns out, I uncovered far more than ...
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 2/15/2017   Comment now  
Editor's note: For February's edition of Rarely Asked Questions, I am pleased to bring you Gustavo Castro [], a system applications engineer in the Analog Devices Linear and Precision Technology Group in Wilmington, MA. His main interests are analog and mixed-signal design for precision signal conditioning and electronic ...
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 2/14/2017   Comment now  
Editor's note: I am pleased to bring you an important technical blog by Fernando Lavalle, a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University and his colleague, Suraj Prakash, who have been working and studying relevant layout dependent issues in current recent CMOS technologies. It's great to get fresh aspects from young engineers regarding an important topic in ...
Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon, Current Sensing Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments, 2/14/2017   Comment now  
As more and more systems are becoming electrified, system thermal management has become more critical. Many systems utilize temperature measurement for managing the system thermal performance. While this is adequate for many systems, for systems with rapidly changing temperature, this could be difficult. This is due to the thermal equilibrium principle ...
Ioannis (John) Piliounis
Ioannis (John) Piliounis, Designer/resercher at ATLASCOM, 2/12/2017   Comment now  
During the 1970s and 80s Russia deployed their Over-the-Horizon Radar (OTHR) which ultimately became known as the "Russian Woodpecker" to HAM Radio enthusiasts worldwide. Why that moniker? Well the signal emitted a sound pattern of its transmitted pulses at HF frequencies that was heard on worldwide shortwave radios to the annoyance of HAM operators. You ...
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 2/12/2017   Comment now   2 comments
This year is the first time I had attended Radio & Wireless Week in Phoenix, AZ thanks to the heads-up from my colleague Martin Rowe, Editor of Test & Measurement on EDN and an EETimes editor as well.
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2/20/2017 9:22:54 AM
Shantaram on Bright young engineering minds at Radio & Wireless Week 2017
2/16/2017 10:28:33 AM
StanDef on SEMICON West 2016: My top 5 most interesting discoveries about Sandia Labs and 5 incredible facts about Keahi Seymour’s “Bionic Boot”
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2/8/2017 6:21:31 PM
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2/1/2017 5:57:30 PM
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11/27/2016 2:03:20 PM
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