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Richard Chung
Richard Chung, Technical Marketing Director, Fairchild Semiconductor, 9/15/2014   Comment now  
Small-power motor drives such as fan motors, dishwashers, circulation pumps, and major applications are constrained by challenging form-factors and lower standby current. There are a large number of customers adopting smart power module solutions that reduce the mechanical heatsink needed plus the number of screws previously needed for the discrete ...
Victor Lorenzo
Victor Lorenzo, Senior Digital and Analog Development Engineer, Consultant, 9/11/2014   Comment now   8 comments
Previous articles in Planet Analog make mention of the "aliasing effect." Most EEs agree in the importance of the aliasing effect as a noise source and take for granted that anti-aliasing filters are a key part in the signal chain path. But, what is the aliasing effect? Where does it come from? Why does oversampling followed by digital filtering and ...
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 9/9/2014   Comment now   2 comments
One of my most talented and interesting authors on Planet Analog and EDN is Dennis Feucht. He has written numerous popular articles and blogs for me. His articles can range from in-depth electronics analysis to advanced technology and flying saucers. Feucht is a proven and well-respected engineer whom I value for his technical expertise and offbeat ...
Dennis Feucht
Dennis Feucht, Electronics Engineer, 9/9/2014   Comment now   2 comments
One of the strategic design considerations for integration of microcomputers into measurement instruments is how to relate the electronic circuits of the instrument to the microcomputer (μC) and user interface. A general model of μC-based instruments is shown below in block diagram form:
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 9/8/2014   Comment now   8 comments
The NASA Orion Spacecraft will have a strong fiber optic emphasis for its on-board data network. This, in conjunction with the need for command and control systems to kick in exactly at specific times for critical on-board functions, necessitates the use of a Time-Triggered Ethernet distribution architecture so these commands happen precisely at "this ...
Most recent post, Vishal Prajapati, 9/15/2014 3:03:17 AM
Oh that's great. I think most of the applications are for time critical systems,...
Signal Chain Basics
Signal Chain Basics, , 9/5/2014   Comment now   4 comments
What is low-side current sensing? The most common method of measuring current is low-side sensing. A sense element or shunt resistor is placed in series with the load between the load and ground (Figure 1).
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An Approximation to the Aliasing Effect: Part 1, the Origin
Victor Lorenzo, Senior Digital and Analog Development Engineer, Consultant, 9/11/2014
Chronicles of Planet Analog Talented Authors: Dennis Feucht
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 9/9/2014
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