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Scott Deuty
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 6/2/2015   Comment now   2 comments
In my series of blogs I have been covering power electronics online design tools. In this blog I want to diverge from that topic. I am doing this because power electronics are physical circuits with quirks that result from the parasitics.
Dennis Feucht
Dennis Feucht, Electronics Engineer, 6/1/2015   Comment now  
A previous article (Standard Step-Motor Driver Interface Limits Performance) on step-motors berated open-loop stepping and the desperate methods used to avoid missed steps and acceleration limitations. This article outlines a path to simple step-motor control that avoids all these historic step-motor problems by using closed-loop phase control of the motor.
Mike Everett
Mike Everett, CTO, Maxwell Technologies, 5/29/2015   Comment now   1 Comment
Many engineers want to know if ultracapacitors will ultimately replace all batteries. The answer is, no. A typical follow-up question is, "Will the ultracapacitor replace some batteries?" and here the answer is, "yes." While this may not seem like a revelation, the significance is in the manner ultracapacitors will replace some batteries.
Brandt Braswell
Brandt Braswell, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Freescale Semiconductor, 5/29/2015   Comment now  
In my last posting When Developing New Silicon IP, Is First Pass Success Possible? Part 1 , I covered several questions for reaching first pass success. In this series, to reach first pass success there are some questions you can ask yourself as a team and get answers to before you move too far along the design path and need to make painful adjustments ...
Kendall Castor-Perry
Kendall Castor-Perry, Architect & Member of Technical Staff, Cypress Semiconductor, 5/29/2015   Comment now   1 Comment
They say that power corrupts. I don't know about that; maybe I'll let you know when I actually have some. But one thing I have found in electronic system design is that the search for low power corrupts. Corrupts signals, that is. And the scary part is that the people doing the searching often don't realize it.
Paul Pickering
Paul Pickering, Blogger, 5/29/2015   Comment now  
In the course of researching another piece, I came across a picture of a solder hand-launching an RQ-11 drone sorry, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in an article on military connectors. The text mentioned that researchers are working on exploiting an idea from Mother Nature- flapping wings - to develop a Micro AV (MAV) that looks more like a bird, ...
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John Teel, President, Teel Engineering, 5/27/2015
Do your duty when you duty-cycle
Kendall Castor-Perry, Architect & Member of Technical Staff, Cypress Semiconductor, 5/29/2015
Is the Ultracapacitor a Replacement for Batteries?
Mike Everett, CTO, Maxwell Technologies, 5/29/2015
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