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Keith Sabine
Keith Sabine, Product Manager, Pulsic, 7/9/2014   Comment now  
Today designers are facing increasing pressure to reduce design time and time-to-market. In the digital world, automation has long been used to enable turnaround of ever larger designs in a reasonable timescale. Designers can estimate parasitics early in the design flow -- at the RTL level -- to see if they meet timing and power criteria. Thus design ...
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds, Technical Manager, AVX Corporation, 7/8/2014   Comment now   1 Comment
Since capacitance bridges measure capacitance using a small AC signal voltage, it is possible to measure DF simultaneously. So, when capacitors are 100% tested, both capacitance and DF are measured at the same frequency.
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds, Technical Manager, AVX Corporation, 7/8/2014   Comment now  
Dissipation factor (DF) and Tan δ -- that is the Q. This month, we'll look at DF and lay the groundwork for next month's blog about Q.
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris, Product Applications Engineer, Analog Devices, 7/7/2014   Comment now  
Last month, we discussed the various power supply inputs of a typical ADC. These include power supply inputs for optional input buffer circuits, the analog circuits, the digital circuits, and the output driver circuits.
Precision Hub
Precision Hub, , 7/3/2014   Comment now   20 comments
The system ground return, or GND, symbol is often taken for granted when drawing schematics. GND symbols are placed all over the schematic with the assumption that the different GNDs will all be at the same electrical potential on the printed circuit board (PCB). In reality, current flow through the GND impedance can create voltage differences between ...
Signal Chain Basics
Signal Chain Basics, , 7/3/2014   Comment now   2 comments
Data converters, which convert digital to analog signals and analog to digital signals, have different characteristics than purely analog circuits. One of the most common misunderstandings is the frequencies of distortion products in data converters.
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