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Bharat Shenoy
Bharat Shenoy, Director, Technical Marketing, Littelfuse, 8/27/2014   Comment now  
Send a text message. Turn on a light. Drive home from the office. Without even thinking about it, consumers depend on technology throughout the day. But that technology is dependent on something that usually goes unnoticed until there's a problem.
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris, Product Applications Engineer, Analog Devices, 8/26/2014   Comment now  
After reading through the comments and having a few discussions with some of my coworkers, I thought it would be good to continue looking at the example I gave in my last blog (Interfacing to ADCs: Power Supplies, Part 2) where we looked using fewer LDOs and combining power supply rails on an ADC while maintaining isolation with ferrite beads. One very ...
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds, Technical Manager, AVX Corporation, 8/26/2014   Comment now  
Editor's note: Our guest blogger is Tom Anderson, connector product manager at AVX. He has been active in the connector industry for more than 30 years and, for the last five years, has focused on developing new connector technologies for the industrial and solid-state lighting markets.
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 8/25/2014   Comment now   4 comments
In February 2014, when I became editor-in-chief of Planet Analog, I inherited some really talented author-EEs. I have also since gotten another 30 new and very talented authors to join me in bringing tech briefs to the Planet Analog audience. (I try not to call them blogs, which sometimes have a different and more social-discussion connotation to some ...
Mike Everett
Mike Everett, CTO, Maxwell Technologies, 8/22/2014   Comment now   29 comments
When working within their specified operating parameters, ultracapacitors will provide a stubbornly long and trouble-free existence. Ultracapacitors will outlast most other electronic components in any given application, which is why they are the perfect power delivery device in the most demanding environments.
Richard Chung
Richard Chung, Technical Marketing Director, Fairchild Semiconductor, 8/22/2014   Comment now   9 comments
This is a guest article by Adrian Mikolajczak of Fairchild Semiconductor.
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