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David Ashton
Scott Deuty
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 4/29/2016   Comment now  
You may think I've finally lost it by taking on a frustrating issue such as patenting. Furthermore, I've spoofed on a beloved icon such as Bob Ross and his coveted painting series. Fact is, I have been editing and writing patents as a freelancer and am enjoying it. This blog is about my experiences in a quest for you, the Planet Analog readers, to get ...
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 4/29/2016   Comment now  
The Kepler spacecraft has been made operational again remotely by NASA and as of April 22, 2016 is back on its K2 mission searching for exoplanets which are planets beyond our Solar System. On July 23, 2015 Kepler discovered the first near-Earth-size planet in the "habitable zone" around a star acting as a sun. This effort helps to fine another "Earth" ...
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 4/28/2016   Comment now  
Editor's note: I am delighted to bring you a two-part tutorial on Integrated Capacitive PGAs in ADCs by our two guest bloggers Miguel Usach and Gerard Mora-Puchalt, from Analog Devices, Inc.
Busy Blogger
Busy Blogger, Busy Blogger, 4/28/2016   Comment now  
In Smart water control: A strategy based on IOT technology to preserve oceans and sea environments, Part 1 of this blog series, the "Venus Swarm" project has been introduced as a promising application for IOT technology to preserve marine environments by monitoring some parameters of interest, such as the level of the sea in the Venice lagoon. One of the ...
Busy Blogger
Busy Blogger, Busy Blogger, 4/27/2016   Comment now  
The control of a marine environment may be a high priority project especially for areas that are considered points of interest at a worldwide level, such as the Venice lagoon. A common meteorological phenomenon, known as "acqua alta" (high level water) happens there from time to time and may cause many issues to the people living in that beautiful area ...
Robert L. Chao
Robert L. Chao, Founder, Advanced Linear Devices, 4/25/2016   Comment now   2 comments
The use of supercapacitor series stacks are growing for many systems used in backup power storage or battery life extension. One of the most critical circuit design goals for such systems is minimizing the steady state DC power dissipation. For that reason, MOSFETs deployed in circuits that balance voltage and leakage current in supercapacitor ...
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MOSFETs Balance Supercapacitors with Zero Power Burn
Robert L. Chao, Founder, Advanced Linear Devices, 4/25/2016
Designing for Power Density and High Reliability
Bob Cantrell, Senior Application/Sales Engineer, Ericsson Power Modules, 4/25/2016
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