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Scott Deuty
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 9/27/2016   Comment now   3 comments
For most of the summer and the month of September, I have been observing and interviewing sound guys ("engineers") and bands regarding the comparison of analog and digital sound boards. In this blog I present my findings. As with all of my blogs, I introduce a subject and encourage feedback. Many engineers play instruments or support live music in ...
Most recent post, Stanley123, 9/29/2016 1:40:18 PM
for a music buff like me, this update is timely!
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 9/26/2016   Comment now  
Autonomous vehicles have received some bad press recently with some accidents and deaths that looked like the technology might be set back. Even some interested parties like Apple have gotten skittish about their development efforts. For example, earlier this month on September 7, Apple closed parts of its self-driving car project and laid off dozens of ...
Dean Tryon
Dean Tryon, Product manager, Alpha Technologies, 9/26/2016   Comment now  
Broadband has quickly gained popularity since its inception, and now more than 800 million people worldwide use it to connect to the internet. This growth is for good reason: broadband provides the bandwidth necessary for all the audio, video and other applications that require large amounts of data to be delivered quickly and seamlessly. With these ...
Bill Schweber
Bill Schweber, Engineer, Author, Editor, 9/26/2016   Comment now  
We have low-cost, high-performance sensors for so many real-world phenomena: light, sound, images, motion, pressure, heat, temperature, energy, power...the list goes on. But good sensors which replicate the versatile human or animal nose are still elusive.
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris, Product Applications Engineer, Analog Devices, 9/25/2016   Comment now  
As somewhat of a continuation of my last blog topic I am once again returning to measurement of an LDO parameter as I look at the power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) of this device. As I have been transitioning into this new role I have found that products going into space require much more stringent specifications and review than typical commercial ...
Bill Schweber
Bill Schweber, Engineer, Author, Editor, 9/24/2016   Comment now   1 Comment
We've heard a lot over the past few years about the presumed shortage of students interested and skilled in STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math. The phrase "STEM shortage" gets repeated so often that it has become accepted as fact, with all sorts of dubious data called up to support it.
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Night Flash and Other Sources of Creativity
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 9/23/2016
Sound Mixing Boards; Digital versus Analog for Live Music Shows
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 9/27/2016
The STEM shortage: real or not?
Bill Schweber, Engineer, Author, Editor, 9/24/2016
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9/29/2016 1:40:18 PM
Stanley123 on Sound Mixing Boards; Digital versus Analog for Live Music Shows
9/29/2016 6:36:08 AM
Kolina on Four new elements added to the Periodic Table
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