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Jonathan Harris

How Do You Analyze ADC Noise? Part 1

Jonathan Harris
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Keeping the power supply inputs on separate domains can minimize crosstalk and make it much harder for noise to interfere with ADC performance.
As is typically the case, at least from my observance in the last four years, the second day of the show proved to be the busiest.
After a good first two days and very enjoyable evenings of the IMS show, it was time for the last day, when traffic is typically good in the morning but tapers off as the day moves toward lunch and beyond.
After a very eventful preparation and buildup to the IMS show this year, Iíll have to admit I was hoping for a smooth and uneventful show -- meaning no surprises resulting in something going wrong in the demonstration booth.
Once again I thought I'd do a series of blogs on my experiences as an applications engineer for a major semiconductor company, Analog Devices, at International Microwave Symposium (IMS).
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