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Steve Taranovich

The Engineering future on planet Earth: Young Tech minds at work

Steve Taranovich
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D Feucht
D Feucht
5/21/2017 1:43:00 PM
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Creative Young Minds

I share your sentiment that it is encouraging to see young engineers showing ability in engineering. It was only 2 to 3 decades ago that the robot arm project would have been pushing the frontiers of research.

The loop project reminds me of the Launch Loop concept developed by polymath Keith Lofstrom, when in his 20s and working a "day job" in Tektronix IC design at the time. The project is-was grandiose and has yet to reach fruition but has been the springboard to ServerSky (server-sky dot com) and other more readily achievable projects. Hopefully, some of these younger minds will choose a bright idea and persist with it until it is realized, as Keith is doing.

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