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Steve Taranovich

The Smart Grid: Intelligent but vulnerable to a new kind of war

Steve Taranovich
Victor Lorenzo
Victor Lorenzo
5/21/2017 6:54:42 AM
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cyberwarfare, smart grids, resources
Steve, this is a not so simple topic.

When we turn our eyes off the EDA tool and look at what real life is, it is not too difficult to see the huge number of connections that float over the apparently unrelated web of events occurring all around the globe. But for that we need to be more critics with what we "see". In too many cases, what we perceive as a "fact" is merely an ilusion that mass medias, as the executor part, are projecting over what in fact is the real iron courtain. Cyberwarfare is not an exception to this. It is difficult to imagine a couple guys hidden in a dark garage, wearing a black hat, and creating something like Stuxnet.

For improving security what is obligatory is acting over the compromised system. It makes no sense to go blaming others for doing bad things of for being smarter and brighter.

Here are some figures, approximate number of publicly known vulnerabilities of some products. Not all vulnerabilities allow the attacker to gain control of the system, part of them are limited to leaking potencially sensitive information or providing a means for generating denial of service attacks.

Chrome: 1450, Firefox: 1437, Internet Explorer: 840,
Linux Kernel: 1881, MAC OS X: 1821,
IPhone OS: 1178, Android: 925,
Windows server 2008: 846, Windows Server 2012: 467, Windows 2003 Server: 443,
Windows Vista: 814, Windows XP: 726, Windows 7: 708,

On APRIL 12/2017 Windows 10 already scored for 293 known vulnerabilities, it seems like many of them have existed for years (since Windows server 2008 and Windows 8 times).


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