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Scott Deuty
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 8/30/2016   Comment now   2 comments
It's that time of year where students return to school and to be honest, I'm still miffed at the costs associated with college. It impacted me 35 years ago when I first attended and it bothers me to this day as I watch my children and the offspring of others pay fee after fee just to attend. In order to boost society, education should be free, period. ...
Most recent post, jimfordbroadcom, 8/31/2016 4:14:04 PM
Hi, Scott.  Yeah, I'm in the same boat.  My sons just started 6th and...
Mike Donnelly
Mike Donnelly, Principal Engineer, Mentor Graphics, 8/30/2016   Comment now  
Automobile manufacturers are increasingly turning to start-stop systems to glean an extra 3% to 12%* of fuel economy out of conventional vehicles. With this approach, the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is turned off during idle periods, such as at traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic, and then automatically restarted when the driver depresses the ...
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 8/25/2016   Comment now   4 comments
Editor's note: I am pleased to bring you my esteemed editor colleague, Martin Rowe, who is providing us with some really excellent Jim Williams tech insights in this blog. Martin is the technical editor of Test & Measurement both on EDN and EETimes. Enjoy
Most recent post, steve.taranovich, 8/29/2016 6:13:59 PM
@danydan---did you get the link to work? Maybe pop-up are being blocked?
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris, Product Applications Engineer, Analog Devices, 8/25/2016   Comment now  
If you recall, I mentioned back in my blog IMS2016: Preview and Preparation in May of this year that I would be transitioning from supporting ADCs to supporting space products at Analog Devices. I have spent the last few months covering some topics that I had previously committed to for ADCs and now am moving on to discuss topics more relative to my ...
Victor Lorenzo
Victor Lorenzo, Senior Digital and Analog Development Engineer, Consultant, 8/24/2016   Comment now  
We must be conscious of the fact that there are no safe places outdoors with nearby thunderstorms and probably the most dangerous lightning strikes are the first ones hitting ground. They catch people exposed and unwary, even though in many cases the first lightning strikes are intra-cloud (IC) flashes. Most lightning victims are struck while going to a ...
Dennis Feucht
Dennis Feucht, Electronics Engineer, 8/23/2016   Comment now   8 comments
Transistor Amplifiers, Dennis Feucht, Innovatia, 2016, ISBN: 9781682736265; $60 US.
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Analog Quizzes by Jim Williams Return to Test You
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 8/25/2016
Back to $chool
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 8/30/2016
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8/29/2016 6:13:59 PM
steve.taranovich on Analog Quizzes by Jim Williams Return to Test You
8/29/2016 12:29:42 AM
danydan on Analog Quizzes by Jim Williams Return to Test You
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