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Alain Stas
Alain Stas, Product Marketing Engineer for Non-Linear Resistors at Vishay Intertechnology, 12/9/2016   Comment now  
In the classic spice model of an NTC thermistor available on the market now, the temperature is simulated by the embedded TEMP variable. This is ideal for the examination of a circuit’s general response when external ambient temperature is swept, but doesn’t work anymore for an evaluation of a sensor’s response to a defined dynamic ...
Bob Cantrell
Bob Cantrell, Senior Application/Sales Engineer, Ericsson Power Modules, 12/9/2016   Comment now  
Although LGA (land grid array) and BGA (ball grid array) packaging seem quite similar – LGA packaging is basically BGA packaging without the solder balls – there are some significant differences that can have an impact when used for power converters such as point of load modules.
Scott Deuty
Scott Deuty, Power Electronics Expert, 12/5/2016   Comment now  
I like to consider a number of sources when researching and writing my blogs. I believe this benefits my audience by giving them views from several perspectives. It also saves time as I do the leg work up front and cherry pick the information to get the discussion started. As always, I encourage audience feedback rather than shove material at you in an ...
Chris Jakubiec
Chris Jakubiec, Director of Reliability & Failure Analysis at Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC), 11/29/2016   Comment now   2 comments
eGaN Technology Physics of Failure
Bill Schweber
Bill Schweber, Engineer, Author, Editor, 11/29/2016   Comment now  
New interface standards and their physical realization are an ongoing part of technology life, and 2016 has been busy in that area. We have two major developments: first, the 2014 establishment of the USB Type-C interface (Figure 1), now starting to appear on smart phones, laptops, and more; and Apple's elimination of the traditional headphone jack on ...
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 11/28/2016   Comment now   3 comments
Editor's note: I am pleased to bring you another of Analog Devices RAQ edition authored by Tina Collins, Application Engineer, Linear Products and Technology Group, Analog Devices.
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12/3/2016 4:35:50 PM
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11/27/2016 2:03:20 PM
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10/23/2016 10:13:48 PM
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