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Survival guide to high-speed A/D converter digital outputs

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When Radio Shack announced that they were closing stores, unfortunately the one in Cupertino (De Anza Blvd.) was one of them.
In 2009, Time Magazine called the Iridium global satellite program a tech failure. Motorola backed it for global satellite phone usage and filed for bankruptcy in 1999 after spending $5B to build and launch the infrastructure of satellites
An imec slideshow of some of the pretty amazing technical accomplishments they bring to the electronics world via semiconductor process technology research and development
To summarize this blog series upon its completion, electromagnetic interference (EMI) — which consists of a source, a path, and a victim — is a problem in electrical and electronic systems.
Researchers have developed ICs which use a wood-based substrate rather than silicon or gallium arsenide; do their potential environmental benefits really matter?
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