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2/19/2017 3:26:10 PM
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Re: Planet Analog is now an extension of Fox News?
Hi Brian,

First, I want to thank you for being a part of the Planet Analog audience and I do appreciate any feedback from my audience.

Planet Analog is not a political blog, nor do I want it to be. It is;however, a highly diverse blogsite with an eclectic style in the range of topics and author personalities that emerge each day on this site.

The author of this blog, Scott Deuty, has knowledge of patent law as it relates to the electronics world as well as knowledge and experience in electronics design; that makes for a really good blog discussion with tech insights to offer our Planet Analog audience.

Just as some of us occasionally like spice in our food, Mr. Deuty mixes a bit of spice into his technical blogs occasionally, but only when it relates to his technical topic---as in this case. I like when our audience gets this kind of "Wait! What?" moment amidst a sea of technical facts and opinions. This is pretty much the only blog that does that which adds to the eclectic nature of this site.

I absolutely do not want to make Planet Analog a forum for political-oriented back-and-forth opinions and justifications, but I do respect your right to counter Mr. Deuty's comment with your Bloomberg article.

So please let's make Mr. Deuty's comment and your rebuttal be the final word on this and let's enjoy and learn from all the Planet Analog content.


1/25/2017 9:21:11 AM
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Planet Analog is now an extension of Fox News?
Do we really need to politicize Planet Analog with vitriol like this?  I enjoy the magazine, but I expect informative articles, not snarky polical commentary.  Save it for your facebook posts.


For a more balanced source, I suggest readers check out this Bloomberg article.



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