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Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 12/9/2018   Comment now  
I checked another item off my ‘Bucket list’ last week. NASA enabled me up to ‘fly’ the Mars Orion simulator!
Loren Siebert
Loren Siebert, characterization engineer, high speed amplifiers, Texas Instruments, 12/7/2018   Comment now  
Optical systems have many unique attributes that make them useful for range detection and communications, but often the optical signal needs to be converted to an electrical signal as part of the overall system design. A photodiode is an excellent optical-to-electrical transducer, but it is rarely able to create a signal large or powerful enough to be ...
Jerry Steele
Jerry Steele, Applications Engineering Manager, ON Semiconductor, 12/5/2018   Comment now  
The op amp-based current sensing circuit described here is not new, it has been around for some time, but with very little discussion of the circuit itself. Somewhere along the line it was informally given the name: "Current Drive" circuit, so we'll call it that for now. Let's dive into the basic concept first, which is that of an op amp and MOSFET ...
Troy Davis
Troy Davis, Troy Davis, Sales Director, EnOcean Inc., 12/2/2018   Comment now  
Troy Davis is Sales Director at EnOcean Inc. In his job, he sees intelligent lighting control expanding rapidly. It is also a boon for app developers and battery-powered control devices, but in his article, Troy explains why there is a better way.
Danny Rockett
Danny Rockett, Vice President of Manufacturing and Technology, Global Technology Systems, Inc., 12/1/2018   Comment now  
In October, a New York City Police Department officer on Staten Island wore a body camera that unexpectedly began smoking and caught on fire. Thankfully, the officer was unharmed, but it did cause the NYPD to stop all usage of that particular body camera – the VIEVU LE5 Body-Worn Camera – until the incident was investigated and the cause ...
Bill Schweber
Bill Schweber, Engineer, Author, Editor, 11/30/2018   Comment now   6 comments
It's not news that the car is an electrically hostile environment. Given all the switching power converters ranging from a few hundred mA to many tens of amps, and the various motors and their drivers in the vehicle, plus other noise sources, getting acceptable broadcast AM radio reception (approximately 550 to 1600 kHz) is a serious challenge, see ...
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