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Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 7/11/2018   Comment now   1 Comment
I am looking forward to the race this weekend in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday and Sunday. This race closes out the 2017/2018 season and will determine the team and driver who have accumulated the highest points.
Most recent post, mk7890, 7/12/2018 3:25:24 AM
Dennis Feucht
Dennis Feucht, Electronics Engineer, 7/9/2018   Comment now  
In Seemingly Simple Circuits: Transresistance Amplifier, Part 1-- Approximating Op-Amps, the op-amp was approximated from a single-pole, finite gain amplifier to an infinite-gain, single-pole op-amp, and the gain of the transresistance amplifier circuit, shown repeated below, was derived. In this Part 2 we look at the consequences.
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 7/7/2018   Comment now  
While visiting the Space Tech Expo in May in Pasadena, CA, I came across a group of companies displaying their technical achievements and solutions for Small Satellites known as CubeSats. Here are some of the key technologies that make these systems function properly in the harsh environment of space exploration,
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 7/5/2018   Comment now  
A single-phase inverter is able to provide backup during power glitches and outages; however, this architecture is not able to provide a peak load surge at initial startup. If a supercapacitor is integrated into this architecture along with the battery, the battery stress will be lowered and its lifetime extended. As a bonus, the supercapacitor can ...
Rudy Ramos
Rudy Ramos, Technical Content Marketing Project Manager, Mouser Electronics, 7/5/2018   Comment now  
Most electronics features DC-DC conversion in some guise. It might be after rectification in an AC-DC converter, or it might just be to drop 5V to 3.3V with no isolation. There is a considerable amount of support to 'make your own' from the textbooks and component suppliers with reference designs and interactive calculator tools. It's fair to say that ...
Dennis Feucht
Dennis Feucht, Electronics Engineer, 7/2/2018   Comment now  
This is a throw-together project using junk box parts that can be useful whenever an interesting-looking waveform is needed for a demonstration or for the beginnings of a video test generator or curve tracer. It also uses some odd parts as an excuse to apply, for at least once in your life, a programmable-unijunction transistor (PUT), for instance. The ...
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Formula E race and vehicle 2017/18 season
Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog, 7/11/2018
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