±0.5 Degree C Temperature Switches in SOT-23 Package

SUNNYVALE, CA-October 27, 2003-Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX6516-MAX6519, analog temperature switches that assert a logic signal when a preset temperature is reached. The devices feature ±0.5 degrees Celsius (typical) accuracy while consuming only 20mA of supply current. Temperature trip thresholds are factory set and available from +35 degrees Celsius to +115 degrees Celsius in 10 degrees Celsius increments. Hysteresis is pin selectable at 2 degrees Celsius or 10 degrees Celsius. No external components are required to set the trip threshold. These temperature switches are appropriate for over/under temperature regulations, desktop and notebook computers, RAID, and servers.

The MAX6516/MAX6518 provides an active-high, push-pull output and the MAX6517/MAX6519 provides an active-low, open-drain output. Each device also features an analog output with an accuracy of ±3 degrees Celsius (max) over the entire temperature range.

The MAX6516-MAX6519 operate over the extended temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius with a power-supply voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V. They are available in a 5-pin SOT23 package. Prices start at $0.75 (2500-up).

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