1.1-GHz cable tuners support MoCA home-networking standard

Plano, Texas—When integrated into advanced 1-GHz set-top boxes, Microtune Inc.'s latest pair of 1.1-GHz TV tuner chips allows cable operators to provide their customers a digital in-home network without any new wires.

Based on CableLabs DOCSIS and OpenCable specifications, the two MicroTuner chips are suitable for personal video recorder (PVR) set-top boxes supporting the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) specification.

According to Microtune, the MT2022 DOCSIS set-top gateway (DSG) tuner and the MT2122 analog/digital video tuner, are the first 1.1-GHz tuners in the industry and are MoCA-compatible without additional filtering. They offer cable equipment manufacturers not only expanded bandwidth flexibility, but also reduced RF cost and simplified design.

The MicroTuner MT2122 is a single-chip tuner designed to enable high-performance analog and digital OpenCable PVR set-top boxes. The MicroTuner MT2022 is a single-chip tuner designed to enable DOCSIS DSG functionality. Both devices receive signals from 48 MHz to 1.1 GHz, enabling operators to gain the additional spectrum to deliver complex, bandwidth-substantial services.

The MT2122 and MT2022 tuners are designed to be unaffected by transmissions in the MoCA band, providing set-top box manufacturers with increased performance margin. Current cable set-top boxes that employ MoCA can require expensive filtering to prevent this interference and can operate to only 860 MHz, according to the company.

Fabricated in silicon germanium, the MT2022 and MT2122 are dual-conversion tuners that include all active RF components, including a low noise amplifier (LNA) and intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier on chip.

Pricing: $5 in volume.
Availability: The MT2022 and MT2122 are sampling now to select customers. They are available in a 8mm x 8mm 56-lead MicroLead Frame package.

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