1.8V video amplifier automatically adjusts power consumption

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9516 video amplifier, which detects and reports the presence of a video load and reduces power consumption when the load is not present.

Using Maxim's latest 1.8V technology, the MAX9516 lowers power consumption 75% below other products, according to the company. The MAX9516 leverages the company's DirectDrive technology to generate a clean, internal negative supply. By combining the internal negative power supply with the external positive 1.8V supply, the device drives a 2Vp-p video signal into a 150 ohm load.

Operating at the 1.8V single power supply, the MAX9516 only consumes 6mW quiescent power and 12mW average power while a typical competitive video filter amp operating at 3.3V burns at least 46mW of average power. If customers use the 1.8V digital supply, they can even eliminate the analog supply. Offered in a 2mm x 2mm microDFN package, the MAX9516 is suitable for portable applications like digital still cameras (DSC), digital camcorders (DVC), and mobile phones.

Datasheet: click here.

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