1-A rectifier housed in tiny package

Dallas, Tex.—Intended for portable devices such as digital audio players, mobile phones and digital cameras, Diodes Inc.'s SBR1U40LP 1-A Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR) in housed in a 1.4-mm x 1.1-mm DFN package.

According to Diodes, the SBR1U40LP is the smallest 1-A power package introduced to the power rectifier market. It features a footprint of 1.54-mm² total area with physical leadless dimensions of 1.1-mm x 1.4-mm, which is 50% smaller in total dimension area than standard competitive packages like the SOD-323, the company said.

The SBR1U40LP also offers low forward voltage to reduce power dissipation with a reverse blocking voltage of 40V.

In addition, Diodes released two 0.4-mm height 20-V SBR rectifiers in a tiny miniature 1.0-mm x 0.6-mm DFN package. The SBR05U20LPS and SBR07U20LPS achieve a continuous forward current rating of 0.5-A and 0.7-A respectively, with a low forward voltage drop (VF), and a
high forward surge capability for high reliability.

The SBR05U20LPS and SBR07U20LPS are well suited for low profile applications, such as mobile phones, where board size and efficiency are critical to the design.

Datasheets: SBR1U40LP, SBR05U20LPS, and SBR07U20LPS.

Diodes Inc.,

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