1-Chip GPS Module – for mobile handsets

EPSON has developed the S4E19863 single-chip global-positioning system (GPS) module whose small size and high sensitivity (-160 dBm max) make it ideal for use in next-generation mobile handsets equipped with built-in GPS support.

The product is an ultra-sensitive, ultra-compact, one-chip GPS module that is capable of acquiring locations even indoors, in the shadows of tall buildings, and in other places where GPS positioning has traditionally been problematic. The global market for mobile phones with built-in GPS functionality is expected to expand dramatically with the spread of position information services such as pedestrian navigation and systems for locating a user's position in the event of an emergency call. In Japan in particular, all new 3G mobile phones debuting in and after the spring of 2007 are likely to be equipped with a GPS function that enables the user's position information to be identified in the event an emergency call is placed.

The GPS module supports the three 3GPP-compliant positioning modes (MS-Based, MS-Assisted, and Autonomous), for world-class GPS positioning performance in any application and under any network environment.

Epson Europe GmbH , 80992 Munich, Germany.

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