$1 More Will Get You a Whole Lot More — Atmel’s Ultra Low Power MP3 Decoder for Mobile Phone Applications Sounds Like a Bargain

Nantes, France, — Atmel Corp. announced the AT89C51SND2C, a MP3 decoder, which combines all the features needed in a mobile phone to play MP3 ring tones and to convert a cell phone into a pen drive — in a single package.

The AT89C51SND2C has been specially developed to handle the MP3 ring tones in mobile phones. Integrated in a mobile phone, the AT89C51SND2C can replace sound generators, while offering MultiMedia Card/Secure Digital (MMC/SD) card reader capability, MP3 music decoding and Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection to a PC. This provides mobile phone makers with more functionality while reducing the system size and costs.

Derived from the AT89C51SND1C, a fully integrated standalone hardwired MPEGI/II Layer-3 decoder, with an 8-bit microcontroller core, handling dataflow and
MP3-player control, the AT89C51SND2C offers 64 Kbytes of flash memory, an embedded MP3 decoder, host communication (serial, parallel, USB) and a MMC interface. It also includes a high quality stereo digital-to-analog converter (D/A converter) with a 50-mW earphone power amplifier, and a 500-mW speaker power amplifier.

The AT89C51SND2C has versatile functionality apart from generating MP3 tones. It can play MP3 music from the mobile phone flash through UART or SPI or from the
flash card (DataFlash, NAND Flash, MultimediaCard, Xd-Picture Card, Secure Digital, and CompactFlash). It can also upload/download files into the mobile phone NAND Flash or NOR flash, upload files from the MMC to the mobile phone NAND or NOR Flash.

“For just one dollar more, the AT89C51SND2C allows the mobile phone manufacturers to get rid of the musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) sound generator while offering to the market a product with extended functionality,” said Bernard Bancelin, marketing manager of Audio Line at Atmel. “With its compact package, and low power consumption down to 35 mA while playing music at 2.7 V, the AT89C51SND2C offers longer battery life with optimized space,” he added.

A complete development package is available to help designers develop their new applications. It includes an emulator, a development board (AT89DVK-04) and a
remote MP3-reference design (AT89RFD-08). All boards come with complete MP3-player firmware, schematics and host drivers.

The AT89C51SND2C is available in a BGA100 (9mm x 9mm) package in the industrial temperature version. Pricing in 500,000-units is $6.00. A masked ROM version is available for low-cost applications at $4.50 in same quantity.

Further information about Atmel’s AT89C51SND2C product may be retrieved at:

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