10-Bit D/A Converter – clock frequency of 1.2 Gsps

Atmel announced a 10-bit D/A Converter featuring an extremely high clock frequency of 1.2 Gsps.

The device has demonstrated unique capabilities of generating wideband patterns and high frequency signals, with guaranteed performances at an output frequency of up to 1650 MHz. An embedded 4:1 multiplexer facilitates interfacing with standard FPGAs, significantly reducing system design constraints. This is the ideal solution for using Direct Digital Synthesis techniques in high bandwidth applications such as wideband transceivers, high-speed modems, Automatic Test Equipment, arbitrary waveform generators and radar equipment.

The TS86101G2B, a 10-bit resolution DAC, provides a higher linearity and dynamic range than all other 12 or 14-bit DACs on the market in the 1 Gsps range. The Integral Non Linearity (INL) is only 0.25 LSB, the Noise Power Ratio (NPR) over a 550 MHz broadband pattern is 49 dB at 1.2 Gsps (9.5 equivalent bits), and the Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) is greater than 69 dBFS in the first Nyquist zone and greater than 63 dBFS in the third Nyquist zone.

The embedded multiplexer does not impact this outstanding performance in any way, all clock-related spurs remaining at a non-significant low level. Besides the multiplexer, several other user-friendly features facilitate implementation of the TS86101G2B into electronic systems.

The delay programmable clock enables synchronization of the MUXDAC with the circuit sending the digital data, and the DAC is automatically reset when powered-up, which is a major help when synchronizing several DACs in applications such as I/Q synthesis or phased array antennas.

The TS86101G2B is delivered in a CBGA255 package.

Atmel Corp Europe , 78054 St Quentin-en-Yvelines, France.

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