10 Mbps and 250 kbps transceivers are drop-ins with high-performance

Milpitas, CA, May 6, 2004 — Intersil Corporation announced two new LINEARLINK full-duplex RS-485/422 transceivers, the ISL8489E and the ISL8491E. These new transceivers are drop-in upgrades from competing parts of similar nomenclature and offer full 15 kV ESD protection and high performance for a wide range of applications including, but not limited to, factory automation, process control, security networks and building environmental control.

These new RS-485/422 transceivers are full duplex, configured for four-wire RS-485 networks, which allows simultaneous transmit and receive capability, or for RS-422 networks where only one driver is allowed on a bus. The ICs are ESD protected to 15 kV on all transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) bus pins and up to 7 kV on all logic pins, which greatly improves survivability from random static charges during manufacturing and use. Packaged in a 14-lead SOIC, the devices are rated for the industrial temperature range of “40 to +85 degrees. Exceeding the tolerance of many competing parts, the ICs operate with a +/-10 percent tolerance from a 5-V supply (4.5 to 5.5 V range).

Both the ISL8489E and ISL8491E are single-unit load devices that allow up to 32 nodes per bus and offer a choice of speed. The ISL8489E is a 250-kbps data rate device that has slew rate limited drivers intended for long-run applications. The slew rate limiting reduces EMI and minimizes reflections from improperly terminated transmission lines or non-terminated stubs in multi-drop and multi-point applications. The ISL8491E is a 10-Mbps device designed for high-speed short runs.

ISL8489E and ISL8491E Technical Summary
* Drop-in performance upgrades for MAX489E, MAX491E and SP491E
* Full duplex
* Single-unit load, 32 nodes per bus
* Balanced differential signaling
* 15 kV ESD protected on all Tx and Rx bus pins
* 7 kV protection on all other pins
* Single 5-V supply, +/-10 percent tolerance, 4.5 to 5.5 V range
* -7 V to +12 V common-mode input voltage range
* RS-485 and RS-422 standards compliant
* Rx inputs feature “fail-safe-if-open” design (logic high Rx output if Rx inputs are floating)
* Driver outputs short circuit protected, even for voltages exceeding the power supply
* On-chip thermal shutdown disables the Tx outputs, prevents damage if power dissipation becomes excessive
* ISL8489E — 250 kbps
* ISL8491E — 10 Mbps

ISL8489E and ISL8491E Pricing and Availability
The ISL8489E and ISL8491E are available now. The suggested resale price in 100 to 999-unit quantities is $1.10 for each IC. ICs are available on tape and reel.

Additional information on these and other high-performance LINEARLINK interface solutions can be obtained online from Intersil's Interface Web site at: Interface products

ISL8489E/8491E data sheet

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