10bit 2.5Gs/s ADCs for high RF sampling applications

Chelmsford, UK – e2v, has announced production of a 10bit 2.5Gs/s analog to digital converter (ADC) incorporating 5GHz analog input bandwidth for operation over the L-band and S-band frequencies. The EV10AS150ATP ADC is being exhibited at the International Radar Conference, RADAR'09 in Bordeaux, France.

This device's high sampling rate of 2.5Gs/s suits it to applications such as high speed test instrumentation, automatic test equipment (ATE), high speed data storage, software defined radio, radar and flight simulators and wideband satellite receivers. The company points out that the device will enable designers to process 1GHz of IF analogue signal, without needing multiple down-conversion stages.

The EV10AS150ATP series – the first in a family of pin-compatible 10bit ADCs – boasts a spurious free dynamic performance of 60dB and 52dB signal to noise ratio (SNR). According to e2v, IMD3 is 60dBc, whilst it's effective number of bits (ENOB) is 8.1bits. The EV10AS150ATP, which comes in a EBGA 317 pin package (25 x 35mm) is made using Infineon's high-speed bipolar SiGe silicon technology, with both commercial and industrial grade versions now available.

e2v wins ESA’s ADC contract

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