12-bit 80MSPS A/D converter ready for wireless and telecom

The Philips TDA8768B is a biCMOS 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converter optimized for EDGE and W-CDMA cellular infrastructures, professional telecommunications and other applications such as advanced FM radio and professional imaging.

Its main innovation is the RF sampling, based on high-speed clock (up to 80 Msps) combined with a high input frequency (up to 176 MHz). It converts the analog input signal into 12-bit binary coded digital words at a maximum sampling rate of 80 MHz. All static digital inputs (SH, CE and OTC) are TTL and CMOS compatible and all outputs are CMOS compatible. A sine wave clock input signal can also be used.

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Feature Summary
* 12-bit resolution
* Sampling rate up to 80 MHz:
* 52 Msps at fIF = 175 MHz; B = 200 kHz (TDA8768BH/5): SFDR =83 dB, S/N =71 dB
* 80 Msps at fIF = 20 MHz; Nyquist bandwidth (TDA8768BH/8): SFDR =65 dB, S/N =62 dB
* 80 Msps at fIF = 50 MHz; B = 5 MHz (TDA8768BH/8/S1): SFDR =72 dB, S/N =64 dB
* -3 dB bandwidth of 250 MHz
* 5 V power supplies and 3.3 V output power supply

* Binary or twos complement CMOS outputs
* In-range CMOS compatible output
* TTL and CMOS compatible static digital inputs
* TTL and CMOS compatible digital outputs
* Single or differential clock input; TTL and CMOS compatible
* Power dissipation 570 mW (typical)
* Low analog input capacitance (typical 2 pF), no buffer amplifier required
* Integrated sample-and-hold amplifier
* Differential analog input
* External amplitude range control
* Voltage controlled regulator included
* Ambient temperature from -40 Cel to +85 C

TDA8768B data sheet

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