12-bit A/D converters tout low power

Raleigh, N.C. — Austriamicrosystems today launched a family of fully differential 12-bit, 8-channel, 400 ksamples/s, low power analog-to-digital (A/D) converters for battery-powered remote sensor and data-acquisition devices.

The AS1530/31 family is said to combine low-power, high speed and four analog input modes with strong dynamic performance (SINAD >70 dB) in a lead-free TSSOP-20 package.

The AS1530 operates from a +4.5-volt to +5.5-V supply and consumes 2.8 milliamps at 400 ksamples/s. Powered by a +2.7 to +3.6-V supply, the AS1531 consumes 2.2 mA at 300 ksamples/s (See related graph below).

Software power-down further reduces current consumption to 0.4 mA at reduced-power mode and 0.5 microamps at full power-down mode. This reduces total power consumption at sampling rates of 10 ksamples/s to 27.5 uA per channel, to less than 0.55 uA at lower data rates, the company said.

The analog inputs are software configurable in four different modes. The choice of 8-channel single-ended, 8-channel pseudo differential, 4-channel pseudo differential and the fully differential 4-channel mode offer flexibility for various applications. The fully differential input mode enables especially precise measurements under noisy conditions commonly found in industrial environments, according to Austriamicrosystems.

SPI, QSPI and a Microwire-compatible interface enable high-speed data access, while an integrated 2.5-V reference reduces external component count.

The AS1530/31 family is available in a lead-free 20-pin TSSOP, and they are suitable for operating environments ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

Pricing for the AS1530/31 family is $4.62 each in 1,000-unit quantities. Click here for the AS1530/31 data sheets.

Austriamicrosystems , 1-919-676-5292,

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