12 Bit Data Acquisition – with 50 kHz minimum throughput

The HS9403-8 and HS9403-16 from SatCon provide complete 12 bit data acquisition functionality with 50 kHz minimum throughput in a single 62 pin package.

The 9403 includes 8 or 16 channel multiplexing, an instrumentation amplifier with programmable gain (1 to 1000), sample-hold circuit, 10 V buffered reference, 12 bit 10 sec A/D and three-state output buffers. The 9403 is flexible enough to accept full scale input ranges from 10mV to 10V. Three-state output buffers allow output data to be accessed in any combination of three 4 bit words. Expansion to 32 single-ended or 16 differential inputs can be achieved with the addition of only 2 ICs.

The 9403 is packaged in a 62 pin, hermetically sealed, ceramic package. Temperature ranges available are 0&degC to 70&degC for commercial versions and -55&degC to 125&degC with MIL-STD-883C screening for military grades.

Distributed by: Willi Bacher GmbH , 9220 Velden, Austria.

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