12-bit driver ICs power LCD microdisplay projectors

Norwood, Mass. — Analog Devices, Inc. launched two LCD microdisplay ICs to enable higher resolution digital displays.

Extending its DecDriver family of LCD drivers, these 12-bit resolution ICs are said to improve brightness uniformity and contrast in digital cinema, home theater projectors and microdisplay-based rear-projection TVs (RPTV).

Large digital display applications require 1 million to 8 million pixel resolution. To accommodate this high pixel count, designers are turning to microdisplay technology, said Bob Esdale, ADI’s product line director, linear products. Microdisplay projection enables higher resolution images to be enlarged at lower cost than direct-view display technologies, he said.

The DecDriver architecture enables a modular design approach for projection systems targeting high resolutions, such as SXGA, WXGA (720p), and HD (1080p,) as well as 2K and 4K digital cinema standards.

The 12-bit input latches of the AD8387 and AD8388 decimate digital input data at 100 MHz and 120 MHz clock rates, respectively. The 12-bit input is sequentially multiplexed into either 12 or 6 separate high speed digital-to-analog converters (D/A converters). These in turn drive 12 or 6 channels of high-voltage output amplifiers. The voltage outputs are laser trimmed for high absolute accuracy over a full 9-V to 18-V dynamic range. These devices typically settle into a 200-pF load to 0.25 percent within 33 ns.

ADI also introduced the industry's highest performing single-chip LCD power module, according to Esdale. The power module (ADD8754) offers display designers a complete power module on a single chip. This module reduces board complexity and cost by integrating a high frequency step-up DC/DC converter, logic voltage regulator, dedicated V(COM) amplifier and a gate-pulse-modulation circuit.

The 12-channel AD8387 and 6-channel AD8388 DecDriver ICs are sampling in 80-lead 12mm x 12mm TQFP and 48-lead 7mm x 7mm LFCSP packages. Full production will begin in August 2005.

The AD8387 and AD8388 are priced at $8.45 and $5.10 per unit, respectively, in 1,000-quantity pieces. Click here for the AD8387 data sheet.Click here for the AD8388 data sheet.

Available now, the ADD8754 LCD power module is priced at $1.23 per unit in 10,000-piece quantities. Click here for the ADD8754 data sheet.

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