12V hot swap controller eliminates external sense resistor

Worcester, Mass.—Allegro has designed its latest 12 V hot swap controller with power good indication. The ACS761 Hall-effect current sensor integrates a charge pump, gate driver, and multiple levels of load fault protection.

It provides hot swap control and short circuit protection without the need for an external shunt resistor. The resistance of the ACS761 internal current conductor is typically 1.5 mΩ, saving power in computer/office automation applications.

The ACS761 is an enhanced version of the ACS760, a Hall-effect based hot swap controller with 240 VA protection.

The ACS761 includes the following architecture enhancements: fixed over current fault threshold, set internally to 40 A; and inclusion of PGOOD and PGOOD pins to provide feedback to host system.

Pricing: $1.98 in quantities of 100,000 units.
Availability: 8 to 10 week lead time to market.
Datasheet: Click here.

Allegro MicroSystems Inc.,

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