14- & 12-Bit A/D Converters optimized for baseband and direct-IF

Maxim expanded its high-speed data converter portfolio with a family of six low-power, high-dynamic performance, pin-compatible, 14-bit and 12-bit A/D converters. The 14-Bit ADCs are initially available at a speed of 65Msps, and the 12-bit ADCs are available in speed grades up to 80Msps.

Devices in this high-performance ADC family have been optimized for baseband and direct-IF (intermediate frequency) sampling applications. They include the MAX12553 (14-bit, 65Msps, baseband/IF), MAX1209 (12-bit, 80Msps, IF), MAX1211 (12-bit, 65Msps, IF), MAX1208 (12-bit, 80Msps, baseband), MAX1207 (12-bit, 65Msps, baseband), and MAX1206 (12-bit, 40Msps, baseband).

The ADCs are ideal for applications such as communication receivers, medical imaging, portable instrumentation, and low-power data acquisition. The MAX12553/MAX1209/MAX1211 deliver exceptional dynamic performance at input frequencies up to 400MHz, making them suitable for direct-IF sampling applications.
For example, the MAX12553 delivers 70.9dB SNR and 80.7dBc SFDR at an input frequency of 175MHz, while consuming only 363mW of power.

The direct-IF sampling capability of these ADCs eliminates the need for downconversion stages, which simplifies system design, lowers cost, reduces power, and saves board space. For baseband sampling applications, the MAX12553/MAX1208/MAX1207/MAX1206 deliver exceptional dynamic performance up to Nyquist. The MAX1208 , for example delivers 68.2dB SNR and 88.2dBc SFDR at an input frequency of 32.5MHz, while consuming only 399mW of power.

All of the 14-bit and 12-bit devices are pin compatible. This allows additional design flexibility by enabling the designer to migrate to higher or lower levels of performance with minimal changes. These devices are available in a space-saving, 40-pin, thin QFN-EP package specified for the extended temperature range (-40&#176C to +85&#176C). Prices start at $24.85 for the 14-bit ADC family and $8.95 for the 12-bit ADC family (1000-up, FOB USA). Evaluation kits are available to speed designs.

Maxim Integrated Products Ltd , Theale, Berks RG7 4XX, UK.

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