14-bit ADC boosts WiBro, WiMAX basestation performance

Milpitas, Calif.&#8212Linear Technology's LTC2285, a 14-bit 125 Msps dual high-speed ADC with low power dissipation of just 395 mW per channel, is optimized for use in multicarrier wireless basestation transceiver applications, including WiBro and WiMAX. These ADCs tout 71.3 dB SNR and 78 dB SFDR at 140 MHz. Its sampling rate capabilities double the capacity of existing systems, which typically sample at 65 Msps.

The chip includes integrated bypass capacitance and 50- ohm series output matching for a small total solution size. The dual ADC also offers a data-ready clock-out pin for latching the output data buses. The ADC is optimized for undersampling signals up to 140 MHz, and has a analog input bandwidth of 640 MHz. It's suitable for use with the LT5516 direct conversion quadrature demodulator and the LT6402 300-MHz low distortion/low noise ADC driver in downconversion signal chains.

In addition to the 14-bit LTC2285, the company offers the pin compatible 12-bit LTC2283 and 10-bit LTC2281 125 Msps dual ADCs. These three dual-ADCs complete a 3-volt family of 10-, 12- and 14-bit parts ranging from 10 Msps up to 125 Msps. The pin compatibility offers designers more flexibility during product development, providing a fast and cost-effective upgrade path for existing designs.

Click here for a table of the company's low-power, high-speed ADC family. All three aforementioned devices are supported with demo boards for quick evaluation and can be purchased online. Samples of the LTC2285, LTC2283 and LTC2281 are available now with production quantities scheduled for September for both commercial and industrial temperature grades. The ADCs and are each priced at $73.50, $41.25, and $18, respectively, in 1k-piece quantities.

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