14-bit ADC touts best-in-class SFDR at half the power draw

Norwood, Mass.&#8212Analog Devices says its AD9254 14-bit, 150-MSPS analog-to-digital converter, with the best dynamic range of any competing ADC, consumes only 430 mW&#8212a 50 percent reduction in power consumption over existing solutions.

Suited to WiMAX and picocell base station receivers, as well as ultrasound and handheld instrumentation equipment, the chip features 83-dBc SFDR (spurious-free dynamic range) at 70 MHz. In addition to achieving the highest SFDR in its class, the AD9254 has a signal-to-noise ratio of 72.7 dBFS at 70 MHz.

Its high sample rate also allows designers to realize the benefits of a lower noise floor and simplified AGC loop. The device is pin-compatible with the AD9246 and AD9233 ADCs and can be used with ADI's AD8352 driver IC.

Click here for more information. The AD9254, in a 7-by-7 mm, 48-lead LFCSP, is sampling now. It is priced at $55 each in 1k pieces.

Analog Devices , 1-800-262 5643,

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