15-bit arbitrary waveform generators create complex wideband waveforms

Santa Clara, Calif. — Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced PXI-based and LXI-based 15-bit arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) that can create simultaneous wide-bandwidth and high-resolution signals for electronic testing of radar, satellite, telecom or military communication equipment.

Using 15-bit vertical resolution, the N6030A (PXI) and N8241A (LXI) products generate the most realistic wideband waveforms available in commercial AWGs, Agilent said. Spurious-free dynamic range is less than -65 dBc for each channel, DC to 500 MHz.
Noise floor is less than -150 dBc/Hz across the full channel bandwidth.

When combined with the Agilent PSG vector signal generator wideband I/Q upconverter, the AWGs can achieve modulation bandwidths of 1 GHz at high frequency up to 44 GHz for authentic signal simulations for IF and RF subsystem testing as well.

The 4-slot PXI N6030A and the LXI N8241A feature two channels, each offering 1.25 GS/s with up to 500 MHz of signal bandwidth, and a standard waveform length of 8 MS per channel that is expandable to 16 MS.

The N8241A is also available with a 625 MS/s sampling rate at up to 250 MHz per channel. Dual-output channels drive both single-ended and balanced designs without the need for balun or hybrid adapters in the test path.

Advanced sequencing and extended waveform memory of the AWGs provide long scenario simulations for extended playback times. Multiple programming interfaces, such as the complete instrument control from MATLAB, enable easy integration into existing test environments as well as simplify waveform development tasks.

Pricing: Starts at $25,675 for the PXI family and $28,756 for the LXI family.
Availability: The PXI (N6030A, N6031A, N6032A, N6033A) and LXI (N8241A, N8242A) families of products are available now.
Product information: AWGs and PSG vector signal generator

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