16-bit, 105-Msps serial output A/D converter conserves FPGA I/O pins

Milpitas, Calif.—Linear Technology Corp. has announced a 16-bit, 105Msps A/D converter that establishes a simple, new benchmark for digital communication between high speed A/D converters and FPGAs.

The LTC2274's high speed 2-wire serial interface reduces the number of data input/output (I/O) lines required between a 16-bit A/D converter and the FPGA from 16 CMOS or 32 LVDS parallel data lines to a single, self-clocking, differential pair communicating at 2.1-Gbit/s, freeing up valuable FPGA pins.

The LTC2274 output data is serialized according to the JEDEC serial interface specification for data converters (JESD204) using 8b10b encoding, and is compatible with many FPGA high speed interfaces including Xilinx's Rocket IO, Altera's Stratix II GX I/O and Lattice's ECP2M I/O. At 2.1-Gbit/s, the LTC2274 offers the fastest high speed serial interface of any A/D converter on the market today, according to Linear.

Applications such as leading edge communications equipment, multi-channel systems, space-constrained designs, and instrumentation all benefit from the LTC2274's unique interface and feature set.

The LTC2274 provides an internal transparent dither circuit that improves the A/D converter's SFDR response well beyond 100dBc for low level input signals. To avoid any interference from the serial digital outputs, an optional data scrambler is available to randomize the spectrum of the serial link. Serial test patterns are also incorporated to facilitate testing of the serial interface.

Pricing: $68 each in 1,000-piece quantities.
Availability: Demonstration boards and samples are available; production quantities are expected in July in both commercial and industrial temperature grades.
Datasheet: Click here.

Linear Technology Corp.,

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