16-bit A/D converter line delivers 0.5-µA shutdown current

Milpitas, Calif.—Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC2451 and LTC2452, a pair of 16-bit delta sigma A/D converters with 0.5µA (max) shutdown current in ultra-tiny 3mm x 2mm DFN packages.

Their low power, tiny size and guaranteed 16-bit no missing code resolution makes these A/D converters ideal for battery-powered applications such as remote sensors. Operating from a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply, the LTC2451 and LTC2452 are designed to measure single-ended or differential sensors via either I²C or SPI serial interfaces. The LTC2451 communicates via I²C and can measure a single-ended input between 0V to VCC, whereas LTC2452 communicates via SPI and is capable of measuring a differential input up to ±VCC.

The LTC2451 and LTC2452 join the previously released LTC2450 (SPI, single-ended input) and LTC2453 (I²C, differential input), thereby offering a complete ultra-tiny 16-bit ADC family.

The versatile LTC2451 and LTC2452 achieve 16-bit DC performance of 2LSB integral nonlinearity error, 1.4µVRMS transition noise and 0.01% gain error. The LTC2451 and LTC2452 have an internal oscillator and allow up to 60 conversions per second, making it easy to measure temperature, pressure, voltage, or other low-frequency sensor outputs.

The LTC2451 draws 0.7mA (max) supply current and the LTC2452 1.2mA (max) at the 60Hz maximum sample rate. After each conversion, the A/D converter enters a shutdown mode, reducing supply current to less than 0.5uA (max). By sampling only occasionally, as many portable sensors do, the supply current is dramatically reduced. For example, the LTC2451 and LTC2452 dissipate 40µW from a 3V supply when sampling the A/D converter once per second.

The LTC2451 and LTC2452 also incorporate a proprietary input sampling network that reduces the dynamic input current to less than 50nA, making a wide range of external input protection and filter circuits possible.

The LTC2451 and LTC2452 are each offered in 8-pin ultra-tiny 3mm x 2mm DFN packages.

Pricing: For the LTC2451 begins at $1.15 and the LTC2452 at $1.25, each in 1,000-piece quantities.
Availability: Today in both commercial and industrial temperature grade versions.
Datasheets: LTC2451 and LTC2452.

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