16-bit D/A’s conversion rate said to top 600 Msamples/s

Norwood, Mass. – Analog Devices Inc. describes its AD9726 as the fastest 16-bit digital-to-analog converter available, with a conversion rate exceeding 600 Msamples/second. This high-speed transmit D/A also boasts noise performance of -161 dBm/Hz for output frequencies between 100 and 300 MHz and -169 dBm/Hz at 20-MHz output.

The combination of high speed and low noise maximizes signal synthesis performance in multicarrier communication systems, as well as in instrumentation and test applications, according to ADI. The converter is also said to solve noise and bandwidth challenges by reducing intermodulation distortion, thus enabling higher-quality signal synthesis and higher-speed information processing.

The D/A is the flagship member of the new AD972x family of 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-bit TxDAC+ converters that provide a fast low-voltage differential-signaling input interface. The LVDS inputs enable high conversion rates and bandwidth, ADI said, allowing the devices to receive data at a high speed while maintaining low distortion and noise. The AD972x family also provides a component selection path based on resolution, performance and cost.

“Designers of communication and instrumentation systems striving to achieve the highest possible performance are turning to faster, higher-resolution converters,” said Kevin Kattmann, product line director for high-speed converters at ADI. “Our LVDS technology is enabling extremely high sampling rates, and in the near future, converters capable of sampling beyond 1 Gsample/s will become a reality.”

The company is positioning the D/A for high-frequency, high-bandwidth broadcasting and communications applications, such as MMDS and LMDS. The converter's LVDS receivers support single- or double-data-rate modes. The part contains a flexible timing interface that is said to simplify both use and system design.

The AD9726 is sampling now and will be in full production in February, priced at $35 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities. Devices in the AD972x series are available in 80-lead thermally enhanced thin quad flat packs.

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