16-bit quad DAC is software programmable over six ranges

Milpitas, Calif.&#8212Linear Technology's LTC2704-16 is a 16-bit, quad DAC with six software-programmable output voltage ranges. Each of the four DACs can be programmed via a 3-wire SPI-compatible serial interface for one of four bipolar output ranges (±10V, ±5V, ±2.5, or -2.5 to 7.5V); or one of two unipolar output ranges (0 to 5, or 0 to 10 volts).

The LTC2704-16 features ±2 LSB (max) INL and ±1LSB (max) DNL. The LTC2704-16 operates from ±5 to ±15-volt analog supplies, and a 3- to 5-volt digital supply. The DAC's software-programmable SoftSpan output ranges and serial readback of all internal registers for industrial and process control applications, instrumentation, and automatic test equipment.

The LTC2704-16 offers a reference input for each pair of DACs. These reference input voltages are inverted internally and can be driven to 7.25 volts, producing an output swing up to ±14.5 volts. The LTC2704-16's output buffers swing to within 500 mV of each power supply rail without any degradation in accuracy. The output buffers deliver accurate 10-volt outputs on 12 volt, 10 percent industrial supplies. Each DAC includes an offset adjustment pin, a system offset buffered ground connection and a voltage feedback pin, enabling remote force and sense applications.

The DAC outputs directly drive capacitive loads up to 1000 pF or current loads up to 5 mA. In addition, output voltage noise is low (0.8 microvolts RMS), reducing the need for output filtering. A mid-scale transition on the 0 to 5-volt output scale typically causes just a 2 nV-sec glitch impulse; and a full-scale 20-volt transition settles to within 1 LSB in 10 microseconds. The LTC2704-16 draws 4.5 mA of supply current per DAC at &plusmn15 volts. It features a sleep mode that reduces supply current to 1 mA (max).

The LTC2704-14 and LTC2704-12 are pin-compatible 14-bit and 12-bit devices, respectively. The LTC2704-16, LTC2704-14, and LTC2704-12 are each available in SSOP-44 packages, offering a pin-compatible and code-compatible family for performance/cost optimization in the end product. The entire family is available in commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

Click here to access the LTC2704-16 device's datasheet. Pricing begins at $29.95 each for the LTC2704-16, $24.95 each for the LTC2704-14, and $19.95 each for the LTC2704-12, all in 1,000-piece quantities.

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