16-bit RISC MCU drives large LCD displays

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Maxim Integrated Products has added to its RISC MAXQ microcontroller (MCU) product line, the MAXQ3100, which is a highly integrated, mixed-signal device intended for a wide range of data-driven display applications.

The MAXQ3100 integrates a digitally trimmable real-time clock (RTC) with a dedicated backup battery pin, an LCD interface that supports up to 160 segments, a frequency-locked loop (FLL), two analog comparators, and a digital temperature sensor. The MAXQ3100 has 16kB of EEPROM program memory, 1kB data SRAM, a watchdog timer, two serial ports (USARTs), and three timers.

The MAXQ3100 is designed for industrial, medical, or consumer applications that require an RTC and an LCD controller, such as electricity and flow metering, multimeters, thermostats, and temperature data loggers.

A MAXQ3100 evaluation kit (EV kit) is available that includes an on-board LCD and a JTAG interface board for communication with a PC. Its IDE includes a debugger, assembler/linker, a time-limited version of the IAR C-compiler, and a simulator.

Pricing: Starts at $3.19 (1000-up, FOB USA).
Availability: Now in an 80-pin MQFP.
Datasheet: click here.

Maxim Integrated Products, 1-800-998-8800,

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