16-by-16 crosspoint switch integrates DC-restore circuitry

Milpitas, Calif.&#8212Intersil's ISL59530, a 300 MHz 16-by-16 video crosspoint switch for RGB and HDTV routing applications touts integrated DC-restore clamp circuitry to ensure black-level accuracy using at least 16 fewer external components than competitive solutions.

The DC-restore clamp biases composite (NTSC and PAL) video by automatically adjusting the DC level of the most negative portion of the video to VREF. This feature can be disabled by the user through an SPI/QSPITM compatible, three-wire serial interface for S-video and component video applications.

“Integrating DC-restore on the chip allows for less fluctuation, eliminating pictures that are too dark or too light, said Kathryn Tucker, marketing manager for the Video Products group. “It also eliminates the need for diodes, resistors and capacitors on each video input resulting in cost and board space savings.”

The non-blocking switch features single 5-volt supply operation, buffered inputs and (3-state) outputs, output gain switchable to x1 or x2 for each channel, differential gain of 0.025 percent and differential phase of 0.05 degree, 0.1 dB gain flatness to 50 MHz, and isolation of -90 dB at 6 MHz.

Click here for additional information. The ISL59530 is available now in a 356-lead BGA package and is priced at $45 each in 1,000-unit quantities.

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