2.5 MHz buck-boost regulators power portables

Norwood, Mass.—Analog Devices says its ADP2503 and ADP2504 are among the industry's smallest buck-boost regulators—and the first rated at switching frequencies to 2.5 MHz.

“Many lithium-battery-powered devices require voltage rails in the 2.8 to 3.6-volt range for RF, audio, or motor applications,” said Arcadio Leon, marketing director for portable power products. “The ADP2503 (600 mA) and ADP2504 (1 amp) are ideal regulators to provide these voltages when board area and efficiency are important.”

Only three external components are required; the resulting power solution occupies less than 13 mm2 and a height of less than 1 mm. Owing to the chip's high switching frequency, designers can use low-cost multilayer inductors that are half the size of typical parts.

The chip's proprietary current-mode buck-boost architecture is designed to provide glitchless mode transitions and a high degree of transient performance across line and load. The H-Bridge buck-boost architecture improves efficiency by more than 10 percent over legacy cascaded boost-buck architectures, according to the company. The ICs, which can deliver a fixed 2.8 to 5 volts from a 2.3-to-5.5 volt input, also feature a no-load quiescent current of 38 microamps (power-save mode).

Datasheets : ADP2503 and ADP2504. Click here for additional information.

Availability and pricing : The ADP2503 and ADP2504, in 10-lead, 3-by-3 mm thin LFCSP packages, are available now in sample quantities. The buck-boost regulators are priced at $1.40 each in 1k quantities.

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