2-W PA serves 800-1000-MHz RFID applications

Lowell, Mass.—RF components supplier M/A-COM , is delivering its MAAP-007649-000100 two-watt PA (power amplifier). Slated for 800-MHz to 1-GHz-band applications, the MAAP-007649-000100 ensures greater than 1-W DRM (Dense Reader Mode) spectral mask linearity, and a flat gain response.

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As an HBT (heterojunction bipolar transistor) MMIC (monolithic microwave IC), this PA device uses a high breakdown-voltage GaAs (gallium arsenide) fab process, meeting the same ruggedness requirements as GSM cellphone handsets. The device also features good ACPR (adjacent channel power ratio) linearity, meeting cellular infrastructure standards.

High Gain, Low Distortion

Typically, a MAAP-007649-000100 operating at 900-MHz delivers 19-dB of gain, and 34-dBm (P1dB). It exhibits 49-dBm output (IP3).

In operation, the PA requires a single +7.5-V dc source, in addition to a +4.5-V reference for its power-down pin and power control.

The MAAP-007649-000100 is also RoHS -compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment). It's available in 4-mm 16-lead PQFN surface-mount packages.

Price And Availability

The MAAP-007649-000100 is available from stock, priced at less than $5 a pop in quantities of 10,000.

Click here for a datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).

M/A-COM, Inc., 1011 Pawtucket Blvd., Lowell, Mass. 01853. Phone: 800-366-2266. In Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, phone: +44 (0) 1908-574-200. In Asia/Pacific dial: 81-44-844-8296.

M/A-COM , 800-366-2266,

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