200 volt driver gives big boost to Class D audio amps

El Segundo, CA., — International Rectifier, IR, a global provider of power management technology, offers the IR2011 high- and low-side MOSFET driver IC for 100W to 1000W Class D audio amplifier circuits. The new 200V driver device has a maximum ambient temperature rating of 125 degrees Celsius, which improves safety margins compared to similar devices rated at 85 degrees Celsius.

Class D audio circuits are more efficient, and can be made more compact than linear or Class AB amplifier circuits. Applications for Class D amplifiers range from battery-powered portable products to high-end professional amplifiers, musical instruments and car and home multimedia systems.

David Tam, Vice President, Consumer and Industrial Sector Business said, “Typical voltage ratings for audio driver ICs on the market now range from 85 volts to 100 volts, and ambient temperature ratings average 85 degrees Celsius. IR's HVIC experience in making rugged and small high voltage devices enables a 200 volt 125 degrees Celsius device for the audio industry. The new IR2011, housed in the SO-8 package, will enable manufacturers to safely and efficiently boost their Class D audio amplifier performance, yet retain a small footprint.”

The new device has matched propagation delay on both channels to simplify high frequency circuits needed for optimum total harmonic distortion (THD) response. Logic inputs are compatible with CMOS or LSTTL output to 3.0V without any speed degradation.

The new IR2011 Class D audio driver IC is available immediately. Pricing is US $1.25 each for the IR2011 in the 8-pin DIP and US $1.30 each for the IR2011S in the SO-8 package, both in 10,000-unit quantities. The IR2011 is also available in a lead-free package.

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IR2011 data sheet

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