24-bit A/D sports fast settling time

Dallas — Texas Instruments Inc.'s 16-channel (multiplexed), 24-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converter from the company's Burr-Brown product line is said to feature the fastest channel cycle rate in its class.

The A/D converter offers fixed-channel (125 ksamples/second data rate) or automatic channel scan (23.7 ksamples/s data rate) modes with 20 bits of effective resolution.

Fabricated on the company's high-performance, precision mixed-signal CMOS technology, the ADS1258 is intended for use in multichannel applications such as machine and system monitoring, data acquisition, medical, avionics, test and measurement, instrumentation, and industrial process control.

“Unmatched in speed for a 24-bit delta-sigma converter, the ADS1258 can measure all of its 16 input channels in less than 675 us with only 12-uV rms of input referred noise, providing breakthrough performance for precision, multi-channel applications,” said Mark Berarducci, systems engineer for TI's oversampling data converter products.

Other performance features include 0.5 uV/C offset drift, a maximum of 0.0010 percent of full-scale integral nonlinearity, 43 mW power dissipation and low latency (42 us).

The flexible input multiplexer accepts combinations of eight differential or 16-single ended inputs with a full-scale differential range of 5 V or true bipolar range of ±2.5 V. The output of the multiplexer is externally accessible to allow use of a shared signal conditioning block prior to the input of the A/D converter.

Available now, the ADS1258 is packaged in a QFN-48 (7 x 7mm) and is priced from $8.95 in 1,000-piece quantities (suggested resale pricing). Click here for the ADS1258 data sheet.

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