24-bit stereo DAC provides 87 dB dynamic range

Sunnyvale, Calif.&#8212Maxim's MAX5556, a 24-bit, I2 S-compatible stereo DAC for digital audio applications, has a dynamic range of 87 dB and a total harmonic distortion of less than -87 dB. This sigma-delta DAC integrates interpolation, deemphasis, analog output filters, click-and-pop-free power-up and power-down circuitry, and line level outputs that swing 3.5 volts p-p with a 10-kilohm load.

The MAX5556 includes automatic clock divisor detection (MCLK/LRCK) and operates with a sampling frequency between 2 and 50 kHz from an MCLK up to 25 MHz. The output is muted if the clock signal is lost, and then returns to normal operation without glitches when the clock signal is restored.

The MAX5556 operates from a single +5-volt supply. Click here to access the device's datasheet. Future chips (no I2 S compatibility) will include the MAX5557, with a 16-bit to 24-bit left-justified interface; the MAX5558, with a 16-bit right-justified interface; and the MAX5559, with an 18-bit right-justified interface. All devices will be available in a narrow, 8-pin SO package, and priced at 99 cents (1,000-up, FOB USA).

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