260-MHz single-supply DACs offer industry’s lowest power consumption

June 1, 2004 – Intersil today announced the release of three new high-speed and low-power precision digital-to-analog converters (DACs), the 10-bit ISL5757, the 12-bit ISL5857 and the 14-bit ISL5957. Operating at frequencies as high as 260 million samples per second (Msps), these new converters offer the highest precision, single-supply operation and the industry's lowest power consumption for conversion of high-speed digital data to high-accuracy analog. Target applications for these DACs include 3G cellular infrastructure, broadband wireless access, satellite communications, high-resolution imaging, medical equipment and test instrumentation.

These new Intersil DACs are fully supported with technical documentation, evaluation platforms, technical support and an exclusive online Test DriveSM service that allows customers to evaluate Intersil's digital-to-analog converters and analog-to-digital converters without the time and expense of utilizing engineering and laboratory resources. This free online service is available to customers at Intersil's Test Drive Web site:

ISL5757, ISL5857 and ISL5957 Technical Summary

  • Up to 260 MHz clock rate
  • ISL5757 ” 10 bits, upgrade for AD9750 and HI5760
  • ISL5857 ” 12 bits, upgrade for AD9752 and HI5860
  • ISL5957 ” 14 bits, upgrade for AD9754 and HI5960
  • Low power ” 103 mW with 20 mA out at 130 Msps
  • Adjustable full-scale output current over a 2 to 20 mA range
  • +3.3 V single supply
  • Excellent spurious-free dynamic range (fs = 130 Msps, fout = 10 MHz)
    • ISL5757 – 71 dBc to Nyquist
    • ISL5857 – 73 dBc to Nyquist
    • ISL5957 – 75 dBc to Nyquist
  • UMTS adjacent-channel power at 19.2 MHz
    • ISL5757 – 65 dB, ISL5857 – 70 dB, ISL5957 – 71 dB
  • EDGE/GSM SFDR at 11 MHz in a 20 MHz window
    • ISL5757 – 83 dBc, ISL5857 – 90 dBc, ISL5957 – 94 dBc
  • Industrial temperature range of “40 to +85 degrees C
  • 28-lead TSSOP and SOIC package options

Pricing and Availability
The suggested resale price for quantities of 100 to 999 units is as follows:

ISL5757IA 10-bit 28-lead TSSOP $5.72
ISL5757IB 10-bit 28-lead SOIC $5.72
ISL5857IA 12-bit 28-lead TSSOP $12.27
ISL5857IB 12-bit 28-lead SOIC $12.27
ISL5957IA 14-bit 28-lead TSSOP $14.00
ISL5957IB 14-bit 28-lead SOIC $14.00

Datasheets for the respective products are available at these links:

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