3-axis accelerometer ICs spin smaller, smarter designs

Lexington, Mass.&#8212STMicroelectronics' first two devices in its LIS302 family of low-g linear accelerometers tout extremely small form factor and low power consumption for a variety of motion-sensor applications.

These 3-axis devices measure just 3-by-5-by-0.9 mm (less than one-third the size of the company's initial MEMs offering) for meeting the space and weight constraints of portable electronics systems. From analog products with embedded features to smart sensors with digital interface, the LIS302 series is suited to applications from hard-disk drive protection to intuitive man-machine interaction in consumer applications. The ultra-compact design of these low-power (1 mW) devices are designed to provide very high immunity to vibration and shock survivability up to 10,000g.

STMicro says its LIS302DL is the industry's first sensor with a standard SPI/I2 C interface and two independent programmable interrupt signals. These separate interrupts allow the designer to monitor the end device for 'free fall' and 'high-g motion' states at the same time. Alternatively, both signals can be used for either state at two different thresholds, e.g., to distinguish between free fall and rolling.

The analog-output LIS302ALB sensor provides separated acceleration values for all three (x, y, z) axes, as well as a multiplexed signal. Its embedded 3-to-1 multiplexer saves costs and space on the board,
as well as reduces the layout risks inherent in multiple analog nets.

Click here and here for the product datasheets. The LIS302ALB is priced at $4.50 each, and the LIS302DL is $5 each, in 10k pieces. Both the devices use the company's ECOPACK Pb-free technology for RoHS-compliance. The LIS302DL and LIS302ALB sensors have been in production since Q3 2006 for selected markets and will be available by the end of 2006 for all markets.

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