3-axis compass chip enables low-cost, high-accuracy positioning

CAMBRIDGE, UK — Honeywell launched the HMC5883, a 3-axis compass chip that provides up to one-degree accuracy with auto calibration, in a 3x3x0.9mm package.

The Honeywell HMC5883 surface-mounted chip includes a built-in offset cancellation circuit and auto calibration software that simplify the calibration process, eliminating the need to calibrate by swinging a mobile phone in a “figure eight” pattern as with other sensor technologies.

In addition, patented set/reset straps that demagnetize, or degauss sensors for each measurement make the HMC5883 immune to most large magnetic disturbances, reducing the need to recalibrate.

The HMC5883 offers the highest resolution available in a chip scale package, claims the manufacturer, and maintains heading accuracy in reduced magnetic field environments such as buildings and automobiles, or at high earth latitudes where the declination angle of the earth's field is difficult to sense with Hall type sensors.

The chip includes three-axis anisotropic magnetoresistive sensors, signal conditioning and amplification circuitry, a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter, built-in self test, and an I2C serial bus interface.

The HMC5883 has a selectable dynamic range of up to ±10 gauss, providing maximum resolution to measure earth's magnetic field of ±0.5 gauss in mobile devices, whose stray magnetic fields are typically less than ±4 gauss, and provides better than 0.05 percent non-linearity over a typical operating range for precision sensing of the earth's magnetic field.

The HMC5883 is supported by a complete library of software routines for heading, auto calibration and soft iron/hard iron calibration, supporting a variety of popular mobile phone operating systems.

The software is common with the recently introduced STMicroelectronics LMS303DLH six-dimensional sensor with integrated 3-axis magnetic sensor and 3-axis accelerometer.

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