3-Gbit/s Tx/Rx chips integrate SerDes, A/V processing

Burlington, Ontario—Gennum Corp. has developed what it says is the industry's first single-chip transmit and receive products to support 3-Gbit/s, as well as high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD), for serial digital interface (SDI) applications.

In an effort to help broadcast and professional video equipment manufacturers reduce development time, the chips do not require external processing. With SerDes capabilities, along with integrated cable driver, voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), and full video and audio support, the transmitter and receiver offer over 30 percent savings in cost, power, and board area compared to existing HD solutions, the company said.

The two transmit products include the GS2972, with both video support and audio embedding capabilities, and the GS2962 with video support only. Both chips come equipped with Gennum's patented ClockCleaner technology and an integrated VCO, allowing them to accept parallel clock inputs with jitter well in excess of 300ps and still output an SDI stream with less than 50ps of jitter. Furthermore, both chips feature an integrated SMPTE-compliant cable driver. The GS2972 and GS2962 provide a low power complete transmitter solution with typical consumption of 405mW and 380mW respectively. The two chips are well-suited for HD or 3-Gbit/s capable cameras/camcorders, presentation switchers, digital VTR and video servers.

To complement the transmitters, Gennum's GS2970 and GS2960 were developed to implement the receive functionality. Both chips feature a reclocker with an integrated VCO, providing 0.6UI of Input Jitter Tolerance (IJT), a low jitter serial reclocked loop-through output with less than 35ps of intrinsic jitter, and user-selectable video processing features. The GS2970 also includes audio extraction and an integrated audio clock generation block eliminating the need for any external circuitry. The two chips provide typical power consumptions of 440mW for full video and audio processing and 420mW for video processing only. The GS2970 and GS2960 are aimed at providing HD or 3Gb/s receiver functionality in monitors, downconverters, video monitoring systems, Digital VTRs and video servers.

The company will showcase the GS2970 and GS2972 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show being held next week in Las Vegas with a demonstration at the company's booth #9114 in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Pricing: In 1k quantities, the GS2970 and GS2972 with full audio cost $33.
Availability: Sampling; production versions will be available in the third quarter of 2008.
Datasheets: GS2972, GS2962, GS2970 and GS2960.

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