3 Good Reasons Why the Viamente Route Planner Perfectly Fits the Needs of the Parts Delivery Industry: LBF’s Choice

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MILAN, November 22, 2011

MILAN , November 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

LBF, Italian company which specialises in Logistics for the Automotive industry and transport of Parts, has chosen the Viamente Route Planner because of the flexibility of its web-based User Interface and because of other unique features.

LBF found the Viamente Route Planner after searching for a Mobile Workforce Optimization tool which could generate the best possible Routes and be compatible with some very specific needs the company had.

“When it comes to planning Routes and scheduling Deliveries, sharing accurate Expected Times of Arrivals (ETA) with our Customers is of paramount importance for us” says Diego Barrera , Head of Logistics at LBF. “We deliver parts to mechanics and repair shops and our Customers build their Service Schedule relying on the Delivery times we give them”.

LBF has found in the Viamente web-based Routing Optimization software the ideal tool not only to increase efficiency, but also to accurately predict driving times, idle times and stop times; this smart Route Optimization engine calculates ETA after considering all the Constraints and specifications linked to Drivers, Vehicles and Orders.

Success in the world of Transport and Delivery is largely dependant on the above-mentioned variables, and this feature of the Viamente Route Planner is the first reason that has driven LBF's choice: with Viamente, customers will know when their goods will be delivered/picked up with very reasonable approximation.

The LBF case highlights another important need of the Transport industry: one of the constraints which mainly concerns transporters is surely Load Capacity. An optimal Route Plan must take into account the Load Capacity of every vehicle while balancing Workload; this takes us to the second reason why LBF has chosen Viamente: the delivered Route Plans are not the result of mere geographical consideration, but come from complex calculations which contemplate actual Driving Times, Load Capacity and Workload distribution.

An easy-to-access combination of control and flexibility of the whole planning process is the third reason which has played a key role in LBF's decision.

The Optimized Routes are designed to maximize Fleet Efficiency. However, Fleet managers may still want to be able to modify them. With the Viamente Route Planner's UI it's possible to intuitively modify the Stop Sequences while keeping the possible constraint violations and the Expected Times of Arrival under control.

About Viamente

Viamente s.r.l. is a privately-held Italian company that develops and markets worldwide innovative online technology for Vehicle Routing Optimization. Feeding a full set of proprietary algorithms with accurate and up-to-date digital map data, Viamente calculates the optimized Route Plans for the user's Vehicles and suggests the smartest assignments, scheduled stop sequences and turn-by-turn driving directions that minimize the overall operating expenditures while maximizing the service level and complying with all the logistic constraints. Viamente's cloud-based services include an intuitive web application called Viamente Route Planner and an API to access the underlying Viamente Routing Engine.

About LBF

Founded in 1994, LBF specializes in tires distribution. The company mainly operates in the central regions of Italy , with a particular focus on Rome and the surrounding areas. Since express transport products for the tires market perfectly match the needs of the whole industry of parts delivery, LBF also organizes warehouse, distribution and transport logistics.

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