3-in-1 controller delivers precision voltage regulation

Milpitas, CA — Intersil Corporation announces the ISL6534, a high efficiency 3-in-1 PWM solution for providing two synchronous buck voltage outputs and a linear controller output. The device powers Double Data Rate (DDR) memory supplies for servers, motherboards, I/Os, FPGAs, and embedded processors, as well as, graphic cards and other system electronics.

This triple regulator that has two independent synchronous-rectified buck controllers with integrated 12V gate drivers and a linear controller, provides precision regulation of up to three voltage rails. Each output has an internal 0.8 percent accurate reference for regulating any voltage down to as low as 0.6V. An optional shunt regulator allows 12V-only operation, when a 5V supply is not available. When configured in DDR mode, the ISL6534 offers a low cost bill-of-materials solution for powering DDR memory by including Vddq to Vtt tracking, and a VREF buffered output, as well as, an additional linear output.

Each controller has independent soft-start and enable functions. The three soft-start enable pins can be controlled independently or they can be tied together to provide complete control of start-up coordination. The PGOOD function indicates when all regulators have completed their soft start and provides an indication of short circuit conditions on either switching regulator. The IC also has an integrated phase lock loop device that allows for bi-directional frequency synchronization for synchronizing multiple ISL6534s or various other controllers.

ISL6534 Features:
* Two synchronous-rectified buck controllers
– Voltage mode control
– VIN range up to 12V
– VOUT range from 0.6 V to 6V
* Switcher references
– 0.6V reference for OUT1 (0.8 percent accurate)
– 3.3V reference output for OUT2 (0.8 percent accurate)
– External reference input for OUT2
– Buffered VTT reference output
* Switcher clocking
– Phase options for optimal clock relationship
– Resistor-selectable switching frequency (300 kHz default)
* Single linear controller
– Drives N-channel MOSFET
– 0.6V reference (0.8 percent accurate)
– VIN range up to 12V
– VOUT range from 0.6V to 6V
* PGOOD output indicates all outputs available

Target markets:
* Single and dual channel DDR memory power systems
* Graphics cards – GPU and memory supplies
* Server and motherboard supplies
* FPGA and ASIC power supplies
* Embedded processor and I/O supplies
* DSP supplies

The ISL6534 is available now in standard lead finish and Pb-free, and either a 32-lead thermally-enhanced 5 mm X 5 mm QFN package or a 24-lead exposed pad TSSOP package. The suggested price in 10,000 unit quantities is $1.50 for each IC. Additional information on these and other high-performance power solutions can be obtained online from Intersil's Power web site at:

Learn more about Intersil's complete family of Power Management solutions for Intel's VR10.0 platforms, peripheral power solutions (DDR, Graphics, ACPI) and digital multiphase solutions. Visit Intersil at booth #432 at the Intel Developers Forum, March 1-3 in San Francisco.

6534 data sheet

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