3-port switch supports all 10/100 Ethernet optical standards

San Jose, Calif.—Micrel Inc. has started to sample the KSZ8893FQLdf, a 3-port switching device that is designed to interface to 10BaseFL or 100BaseSX networks.

The KSZ8893FQLdf is aimed at fiber-based structural wiring, media converters and industrial control applications. The KSZ8893FQL 3-port switch supports all of the 10/100 Ethernet optical standards including 100BaseFX, 100BaseSX and 10BaseFL.

For more on existing and emerging IEEE 802 Ethernet standards, go to the Ethernet Alliance homepage at

The KSZ8893FQLdf is suitable for short wavelength optical applications because it provides an integrated optical interface that includes a LED driver and post amplifier. As a result, designers can use short wavelength LED and PIN diodes, key for legacy 10-Mbit optical networks where there currently are no viable products for integrating a short wavelength network into a core 100-Mbit network, according to the company.

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The KSZ8893FQLdf includes support for four priority queues, queue-based rate limiting and IPV6 support for MLD snooping. The four-level priority queues enables triple (voice, video, data) or quadruple (voice, video, data, gaming) play services by prioritizing traffic by application.

The KSZ8893FQLdf is offered in fully compliant RoHS devices. For specific pricing, please contact your local Micrel sales representative.

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