32-bit audio DAC features low-latency FIR filter

San Jose, CA — AKM Semiconductor has launched the AK4390, a high performance 32-bit stereo DAC for professional and high-end audio applications. The AK4390 is the newest member of the Audio4pro product family. It incorporates a minimum-phase FIR 32-bit short delay filter with a latency of only seven samples (7/fs). The filter is designed to reproduce recorded audio without pre-echo.

The AK4390 uses a symmetrical layout for the left and right channels. The fully symmetrical layout ensures that the signal from the digital processing block has the shortest path possible to the analog block to avoid noise coupling for improved sound quality.

The AK4390 supports sampling rates from 30kHz to 216kHz, fully differential analog outputs, a digital attenuator, de-emphasis filters, soft mute and zero detect functions. It offers a dynamic range of 120dB and THD+N of -103dB. The device operates off of a single +5V power supply.

The AK4390 is available is a space-saving 30-pin VSOP package. Evaluation boards and samples are available now. The AK4390 is priced from $3.44 in 5k unit volumes. The datasheet may be downloaded at For more information about AKM see

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