32-channel VME analog output cards deliver high output current

Plantation, Fla.—Precision Analog Systems announced two analog output cards to complement its existing VME product line.

The PAS 9915/AO provides 32 twelve-bit analog voltage output channels on a 6U card. The higher-power PAS 9912/AO provides eight twelve-bit analog output channels.

Eight, quad high speed voltage output DACs, with 10 µs settling times provide the PAS 9915/AO with a total of 32 analog output channels. Voltage output signals on both cards are available on the a and c rows of the P2 connector.

For the PAS 9915/AO, four analog output ranges are available under program control, which allows the card's output voltage to be tailored to your application. Bipolar ranges from ±10 volts to ±5 volts and unipolar ranges from 0 to 10 volts to 0 to 5 volts are supported. All output ranges provide a minimum of 10 milliamps of output current, double what is typically offered on an output card.

The eight-channel high-power version, the PAS 9912/AO, provides ±40mAmp output drive capability and is available in ±25 volt and ±15 volt versions. Eight high-power operational amplifiers buffer the DAC output signals and provide a gain of either 1.5 or 2.5, depending on ordering option.

Pricing: Approximately $1600 in 100-piece quantities.
Availability: Now.

Datasheets: PAS 9915/AO and PAS 9912/AO.

Precision Analog Systems,

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