32-tap digital potentiometer offers easy interface

Santa Clara, Calif. — Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. has added a 32-tap device to its family of Digitally Programmable Potentiometers (DPP). The CAT5128 single-pot device offers a simple up/down control to provide an easy-to-use digital interface.

Housed in a SOT-23, 8-lead package, the CAT5128 digital potentiometer is suitable for a wide range of control and calibration applications such as digital volume control and LCD screen contrast and brightness adjustment applications in portable, consumer and industrial electronic products,. The digital pot can also be used in automated, tamper-proof product calibration and remote control adjustment applications. The up/down control interface can be configured to work directly with the system microprocessor or with two external pushbutton switches.

The CAT5128 is a “volatile” device where the wiper powers on at the mid-scale setting and offers a low-noise, stable, reliable and simple alternative to DACs and mechanical potentiometers. They are available in resistance values of 10 kohms, 50 kohms and 100 kohms.

Pricing: $0.53 each in quantities of 10,000.
Availability: Samples are now available. Projected lead-time for production quantities is currently six to eight weeks ARO.
Product information: CAT5128
Datasheet: CAT5128

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