32-tap digital potentiometers expand Catalyst’s MiniPot line

Santa Clara, Calif.—Catalyst Semiconductor's five new 32-tap devices in its digitally programmable 10, 50, and 100-kilohm potentiometer family, both volatile and non-volatile devices, simplify LCD screen adjustment; automated calibration; contrast, brightness and volume control; gain adjustment; line impedance matching and mechanical potentiometer replacement in handheld and other space-constrained applications.

The CAT5123, CAT5124 and CAT5125, powered from a 2.7 to 5.5 volt source, are basically non-storage (volatile) devices; the CAT5127 and CAT5129 offer non-volatile wiper storage. All pots feature a user-friendly up/down control interface.

The CAT5127 (in an 8-lead, 2-by-2.5 mm TDFN package, said to be the world's smallest potentiometer) and CAT5129 feature on-chip EEPROM memory with automatic recall at power-up from any preset wiper position. The CAT5127 is also available in an 8-lead MSOP package. Both CAT5127 devices are pin-for-pin replacements for Intersil's X93154. The CAT5129 comes in a 6-lead SOT23 package and is a pin-for-pin replacement for Maxim's MAX5471 digital potentiometer.

The CAT5123, CAT5124 and CAT5125 are available in SOT23 packages and offer pin-for-pin replacements for Maxim's MAX5466, MAX5467 and MAX5468 devices.
The wiper in these devices powers on at the midscale setting.

Click here for the CAT5127 datasheet; click here for the CAT5123 datasheet. Chips in the SOT23 and MSOP packages are priced at 43 cents each in 10,000 piece quantities. The CAT5127, in the TDFN package, is 53 cents. Samples are now available. Projected lead-times for production quantities are currently 10 weeks ARO.

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