32 X 32 video crosspoint switches provide low-power, high bandwidth

Norwood, Mass.—Analog Devices Inc. is touting its latest 32 X 32 analog crosspoint switches as having the industry's lowest power.

The ADV320x family of buffered analog crosspoint switches consumes 1.25W—40 percent less than the nearest 32 X 32 product, according to ADI. At the same time, it delivers bandwidth of 300 MHz, a 300 percent increase in speed over alternative low-power crosspoint switches, the company added.

The low power consumption decreases system cost by reducing power supply requirements, while the high bandwidth supports a wide variety of video signals. The ADV320x products are intended for composite video routing, such as CCTV (closed-circuit TV) surveillance; and component video routing, such as high-resolution video routers used in video conferencing and digital signage.

The ADV320x products consist of 1024 switches arranged in a 32 X 32 matrix. The non-blocking architecture allows any combination of outputs to be connected to any combination of inputs while maintaining system performance. Each input integrates a buffer and a sync-tip clamp. Each output integrates a 2:1 multiplexer for inserting on-screen display (OSD) graphics and an output amplifier, which can be placed into a high-impedance state for paralleling outputs when building a larger array. Along with their high level of integration, the ADV320x devices feature 400-V/microsecond slew rate and 0.1-dB gain flatness out to 60 MHz.

The ADV3200 operates at a gain of +1; the ADV3201 operates at a gain of +2, making it useful in back-terminated load applications. The ADV3202 and ADV3203 pin-compatible 32 X 16 versions are also available, allowing the same board design to be populated or depopulated depending on the application.

The crosspoint switches are packaged in a space-saving 24-mm X 24-mm, 176-lead exposed pad LQFP (lead-frame chip-scale package). All devices are fully specified over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

All devices are sampling now. The 32 X 32 ADV3200 and ADV3201, priced at $120 per unit in 100-piece quantities, and will be available in full production quantities in October 2008. The 32 X 16 ADV3202 and ADV3203, priced at $65 per unit in 100-piece quantities, will be in full production quantities in November 2008.

Datasheet: Click here.

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